Welcome to Spritesmods. At this site, I'll document my more interesting hacks for your viewing pleasure. While it's not updated that regularly, I try to add an article about every month.

Ow, by the way: all the pictures are thumbnails. You can click on them to get the originals, straight from my camera. If you want to comment on an article, there's a discussion area at the last page of every one of 'em.

You can follow Spritesmods on Twitter too if you want to know about the projects I'm working on, that may or may not eventually make it to the site.

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Last added projects:
Apr 17 2015: Extreme Vectrex multicart
Feb 15 2015: Wifi E-ink display
Nov 23 2014: Snake on a Keyboard
Sep 18 2014: Linux-based clock radio

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Gosha_from_Russia wrote at 17 Mar 2015, 19.20:

You are a greet men. Your code work perfectly.

JS wrote at 10 Mar 2015, 18.36:

Tipped! Great work on the e-ink displays!

Aidan Ruff wrote at 3 Mar 2015, 22.26:

Hi Love the esphttpd software. I've modded it to handle MQTT protocol for some home automation stuff I'm working on. Problem I've got is getting mkespfsimage.exe to work. I've managed to build the 2012 version using visual studio and I can create the webpages file and blow it to the esp module, but it comes up with magic errors. I've over riden the compeession types ro 1 and level ro 1 and it produces a file of the correct size (approx. 41K) but it doesn't work. I'm having a crack at compiling under cygwin but not really getting anywhere, but I'm a linux newbie. I don't suppose you have a mkespfsimage.exe dor Windows hanging around? In guess that even a compiled Linux version would be useful as I could run it under debian or ubuntu. Currently, I've got a raspberry pi2 running debian, mosquitto MQTT, Node Red and a MYSQL server. All of this gets hooked to by the ESP module! I've also done a little board with an Atmel ATTiNY85 that handles the reset and GPIO0 to make programming automatic ala Arduino. It also has a temperature sensor and an opto relay for mains control..lots of fun I need to mod the web pages so that I can configure the MQTT server details ... I've already made the SSID setup work on a button at power up and saved the details to flash, but I'm stuck on generating new setup web pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated Aidan (aidan@ruffs.net)

Mylonas wrote at 17 Feb 2015, 10.55:

The HDD hack is by far the best hack I've come across since "hacking security cameras like a hollywood hacker" blackhat presentation on youtube. You could write a childrens storybook on hacks with your writing style, it wasn't a burden on my mind to read :)

Domo wrote at 15 Jan 2015, 15.53:

Liked your CM Storm keyboard hack. BTW is there step by step how to open up the whole keyboard? Thanks ;)

na1pir wrote at 3 Jan 2015, 11.27:

Jeroen you are my personal hero! Esphttpd rocks, and I'll probably somehow reuse your attiny FM transmitter code in some future project as geochaching gift... and after seeing your Linux radio I'll probably revisit my openwrt radio build as well.

PuceBaboon wrote at 31 Dec 2014, 14.19:

The ESP8266 web-server example (esphttpd) is great! Many thanks for publishing it (and for the people who got to this page and have no idea what I'm talking about, check <A HREF="http://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=376&hilit=esphttpd">esp8266.com/esphttpd</A>).

chrysalius wrote at 26 Nov 2014, 20.27:

Hello! I read your article at http://spritesmods.com about "iStorage Disk Genie". Could you help me about another item from iStorage "datAshur" (USB Flash drive - http://istorage-uk.com/datashur.php). Am I right that this flash drive good outside but bad inside like "iStorage Disk Genie"? Have you got any foto from inside of iStorage "datAshur"?

Rick Bronson wrote at 25 Nov 2014, 23.33:

The formatting on my bug fix seemed to have went haywire. Here it is: Change "int len" to "size_t len" in esphttpd/mkespfsimage/main.c

Rick Bronson wrote at 25 Nov 2014, 23.18:

Found a bug, causes a crash on my Debian 7 box, ends up over writing &enc with zero, here is the fix: diff -b -c /home/rick/boards/esp8266/esphttpd/mkespfsimage/main.c.~1~ /home/rick/boards/esp8266/esphttpd/mkespfsimage/main.c *** /home/rick/boards/esp8266/esphttpd/mkespfsimage/main.c.~1~ 2014-11-19 21:11:05.000000000 -0800 --- /home/rick/boards/esp8266/esphttpd/mkespfsimage/main.c 2014-11-25 14:05:25.057572406 -0800 *************** *** 36,42 **** size_t compressHeatshrink(char *in, int insize, char *out, int outsize, int level) { char *inp=in; char *outp=out; ! int len; int ws[]={5, 6, 8, 11, 13}; int ls[]={3, 3, 4, 4, 4}; HSE_poll_res pres; --- 36,42 ---- size_t compressHeatshrink(char *in, int insize, char *out, int outsize, int level) { char *inp=in; char *outp=out; ! size_t len; int ws[]={5, 6, 8, 11, 13}; int ls[]={3, 3, 4, 4, 4}; HSE_poll_res pres;

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