The hardware.

The hardware of the board consists of the Nokia display, the LPC2103 and some other assorted stuff: a LM317L to create 3.3V out of whatever the board is connected to, some capacitors for the stabilization of the supply and the power converter inside the LCD, 2 diodes as a cheap way to generate the 1.8V needed for the core of the LPC2103, some pull-up-resistors and the crystal providing the clock frequency the uC works on.

The PCB these parts sit on is designed to be easily built by a hobbyist: if needed only the top layer can be etched and the bottom layer replaced by some jumpers, and apart from the LPC2103 (which isn't available in any package other than TQFP) all the parts are DIP. The board does have a debug-connector with a few of the more important signals of the LPC2103 on it which makes it easy to use the board for something else than a game console: for example the signals of the second uart are on there, so one could attach a GPS-device.

If you want the design of the pcb, it's downloadable here. It's created in the GPL package pcb.

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