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The second version of the GP2X-firmware does have support for the USB-host-port. Go to settings and then system, enable 'menu extension', turn 'usb host' on and enable the drivers you want. Press B to acknowledge and you should be ready to go.


While the DC-DC-converter inside the GP2X is said to be able to source up to 500mA, I'm not sure if the rest of the hardware allows this. If you don't want to put your GP2X at risk, it's better to only plug in self-powered or low-power-devices into the USB-port and to use a powered USB-hub if you need to use devices that have a high power-usage. (In practice, I think there's room to experiment: I plugged in a few devices that overloaded the GP2X and all it did was reset or hang. That's just my experience and no advice or anything.)


I am not responsible for any bad stuff happening to you or your GP2X if you're going to build this yourself. As far as I know the information in this doc is correct, but I can't guarantee anything. If you blow up or otherwise destroy (part of) your GP2X, I'm not responsible. Neither am I if anything otherwise bad happens because of this doc.

Ow, for the void-your-warranty-crew: The gp2x in the pics is about 30 hours old :)

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LinuxUser wrote at 3 Apr 2016, 11.05:

Info: at least https://spritesmods.com/meukspritesserver/foto/foto/gp2x_usb/img_1573.jpg and https://spritesmods.com/meukspritesserver/foto/foto/gp2x_usb/img_1580.jpg are corrupted, they are very strange at decoding. Check your HDD, maybe it has got hacked :)

user wrote at 21 May 2014, 21.48:

Some of the pictures looks very strange (like my english...) when in full-size, something must be wrong with the files, e.g. http://meuk.spritesserver.nl/foto/foto/gp2x_usb/img_1573.jpg has a big grey strip/bar at the bottom, about 50% of the image.

soldering wrote at 20 Sep 2008, 20.28:

Please give detailed instructions on how to solder. The pins are so tiny! I only succeeded in pouring solder all over the place then removing it so it doesn't short circuit anything :P

Slippy Lane Again wrote at 7 Jul 2008, 22.00:

Just another note: If you're gonna plug an externally powered USB hub into this, make sure you use a decent, regulated power supply. Not killed a GP2X yet, but I've fried many other circuits by using unregulated supplies.

Slippy Lane wrote at 7 Jul 2008, 21.49:

I've just put a multimeter across pins 20-24 and pins 21-24 on the GP2X-F200's EXT connector. As with previous models, this only provides +3.3VDC, not 5V as rumoured. I wonder whether a simpler hack would be to simply sever one of the ground pins on the F200's EXT connector, and replace it with the +5V takeoff from sprites USB hack. That way, it would be simple enough to hack an e810 data connector into a single usb host socket using the above circuit. The advantage of this is that there's no case mod required, and it's removable. The disadvantage is that, if you buy a docking cradle or breakout board, you'll either need to remove your mod, or modify your peripheral.

RIck wrote at 13 May 2008, 15.26:

From what people have said, does this mean that on a new F200, you would be able to add USB Host purely by making a custom connector to plug into the EXT connector? No case opening etc?

Charly wrote at 21 Feb 2008, 20.47:

Nice work! If u have time u could plug in the photoframe into the GPX2 :D Or plug in the photoframe into a fritzbox :-?

Maltanar wrote at 28 Dec 2007, 17.40:

Wow, that's a great-looking USB port :) Would it be possible to implement this for a F200 as well?

juanvi wrote at 8 Jul 2007, 2.06:

I have just made this mod on my GP2X and like Gavie I am really pleased with your tutorial. Thanks a lot! Just a comment: I will only connect an extra gamepad to play two persons on the TV, and my preliminary tests suggested that the pull-down resistors and filtering capacitors are not needed (at least, for the extra gamepad). Thanks a lot, again!

Gavie wrote at 27 Jun 2007, 21.31:

Just did this mod, It was harder than it looked but I can't tell you how pleased I am with the result, Thanks a lot for this tutorial, it was very helpful.. Even I, the noob in electronics managed to do it, I never used capacitors before, and was a bit confused about which ones to buy, so to be clear: 100 nF/nanofarad (ceramic) and 68 uF/microfarad (electrolytic), make sure the polarity of the 68uF one matches the scheme, I did it wrong at the first try :P Also keep in mind that the casing is small and it has to fit back in there. :P

Sprite_tm wrote at 23 May 2007, 16.39:

The mod adds nothing active to the GP2X, so as long as you keep USB turned off, nothing extra is consumed. As soon as you turn on host functionality, the host controller portion of the mmsp will get opwe, and the gp2x probably will use a tad more power. If you plug in something that really consumes lots and lots of power, offcourse the battery life will decrease, but that's logical.

nim wrote at 22 May 2007, 23.22:

sprite_tm do you know if this mod impedes the battery life? (while usb communication and perhaps even when not?) I never used up a pair of batteries before doing the mod so I wouldn't know.. (perhaps someone planning to do the mod can test it?)

nim wrote at 21 May 2007, 20.25:

just did the mod to my mk2. http://nim.pansarvagn.net/pub/pics/GP2X/USB_HOST_MOD/ good tip: make sure to get a usb female that has those bendable flaps on the side-walls so you can bend them out to bar against pulling the plug out of the hole. I needed no glue or fastening solder and its rock-solid :) Thanks alot for this tutorial sprite_tm, can't imagine using my gp2x without this mod :) (btw if you don't like/have hot glue, double-sided tape holiness > duct tape holiness.) I found it impossible to get solder to stick on those vias (almost carved them off) so I soldered to the pins. tip: do one along board and the other (10 in mine) from above where you melt off a dent in the plastic so you get some extra private space around that pin (if you bridge, you may have to melt away that plastic to get to it anyway --;;)

nim wrote at 21 May 2007, 0.19:

full size images img_1573.jpg and img_1580.jpg seem to be corrupt.

StarG wrote at 12 Apr 2007, 22.05:

You could use a e810 cable as the more bulky version sold on ebay.. the back part would be large enough to accomodate a usb socket - this would make a tight and small usb port

Ano wrote at 28 Feb 2007, 18.14:

Yes and no. Except the latest MK2, the power on the Ext port is 3,3V, not the 5V that is needed for USB. So you'll need external power for every devices. With this mod you get the power you need for small devices: memory sticks and cards readers, keyboards, mices, joysticks, low power wifi keys, etc... It's true that you'll need external power in both case if you want to connect devices like hard drives. I could connect a 30 Gb 2'1/2 hard drive to the GP2X, but I had to power it with 4 AA NiMh 2100 mAh batteries. That was enough for 3-4 movies. Bzw, another thing I like with this mod: the plug is on the upper side from the GP2X, so you can make the console "stay" to watch the movie. The ext port is on the lower side, making this impossible.

Atilla wrote at 26 Feb 2007, 12.59:

If you can find a socket which fits in the EXT port, you can use this to create an external USB host port without taking any risk on your 2X.

Ano wrote at 20 Dec 2006, 12.11:

To Pioj: the question is about what you want to get. If you want an USB powered port so that you can easily wherever you are read data with USB-Keys, or play with friends with a joypad, you neet this mod. If you only want to plug something home without soldering anything you can buy a break-out box "User edition" (it must be avilable by januar 2007). If you're "not in electronics or anything like that" forget about modding the existing ports, it's really a hard work with cutting and resoldering inside the box.

Ano wrote at 20 Dec 2006, 11.51:

I tried a low power consumption Wifi stick: the D-Link DWL-122. The "Pwr" led lighted up and the GP2X could power it. But I still need to compile the module and for the moment my Linux desktop computer is out of order. For such power consumption problems I bought a battery slot pack and will try to mod a hub so that the power comes from 4 R6 NiMh battery.

just_curious wrote at 16 Dec 2006, 22.04:

any chance to hack a gsm module into it? just to get a network for one way data transfer

Pioj wrote at 9 Dec 2006, 10.15:

Hi! I own an MK1 unit, but I don't want to unwire and make a new hole to the case.. Is there any other solution for gettin' +5v without touching the pcb? Could we fit capacitors and all the rest, inside a ext2 connector? Or at least, maybe we can change the mini-usb port to it's "host" version connector? I mean, I'm not in electronics or anything like that, but I wish there was a more suitable solution for all people who doesn't want to open the case... thx for all

gopher wrote at 9 Dec 2006, 5.53:

Ano, did you have anymore sucess with wifi? Perhaps plugging the GP2X into a powered USB hub and hopefully there is enough power for the Wifi stick??

Ano wrote at 26 Nov 2006, 16.45:

To find the good pinout I used the documentation from the GP2X wiki: http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/EXT_Port and http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/USB_Host_BoB_Schematic Bzw I tried some other things: USB Mouse works with Qtopia, and USB Joystick works with Picodrive. Really a great mod, I really wonder why it's not factory installed.

Bagges wrote at 26 Nov 2006, 12.29:

great work. but can someone post alittle more details about the "wireing" around the usb port?! thx

Ano wrote at 24 Nov 2006, 23.10:

Okay dudes, my Iron is still hot, my GP2X unscrewed and the hole for the USB port still not drilled. I made some preliminary tests. It definitly works with my "first edition". Made a try with a USB-Key and a memory card adaptator, both works with this hack and firmware 2.1.1. A try with a Wifi-key made the GP2X reboot. Seems it drains too much current. Okay, still got some work! ;)

Ano wrote at 18 Nov 2006, 15.16:

Err... Capacitors I meant... Not Condensators.

Ano wrote at 17 Nov 2006, 12.54:

Well, i took my multimeter and looked inside my GP2X "first edition". The positive side of C158 gives +5V too. Mk1 owner can have a powered USB port too. Well, looks like I have some resistors and condensators to buy... ;)

Sprite_tm wrote at 28 Oct 2006, 17.59:

I don't see why not: if the DC-DC-converter is the same, the workings should be the same too.

mercs wrote at 27 Oct 2006, 10.07:

Then, Is this mod possible with an mk-1 gp2x? Thanks

blah wrote at 23 Oct 2006, 2.32:

could i use a 1000ma rechargeble battery pack for it and get 1000ma

sumus wrote at 11 Oct 2006, 14.05:

Has anyone tried this mod on a Mk1?

Sprite_tm wrote at 11 Oct 2006, 12.42:

Errm, why exactly? Assuming they didn't change the DC/DC-converter for the MkII, the 5V should be available in both versions. The MkII has it available on the ext port, too, but for this hack, that doesn't matter because the connections are all internal anyway.

kamron_1 wrote at 11 Oct 2006, 8.14:

I think it should be noted that this will only work on the MKII models.

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