Shortly after I wrote the review of the SecuStick, I was approached by Tweakers.net (who have this review in Dutch, btw): they had mail from USB-Secured.com. This company sells two types of USB-stick with biometrical security measures on them: both have a fingerprint-reader and the data on them is said to be impossible to get to when your fingerprint is unknown to them. I was asked to take a look at them.

The two sticks differ in features and looks. To make it easier to spot in the pictures, I'll name them after their colors: the 'US-A2' is the white one (blue on the site of the manufacturer) while the 'US-A1' is the silver/black one. On the website, the white stick is touted as a stick with a high ease-of-use, while the silver one is said to have good security. According to USB-secured.com, the sticks would cost about 69 euro's (which would be about $90). The specific features of the sticks are:

I was asked to take a look at their features, like durability, ease of use, and most of all: security. I'll describe my findings in the next few pages.

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