The hardware itself was packed in 2 cardboard boxes, padded with plastic and/or more cardboard. The boxes contained the sticks, a leaflet with the features of the stick and a carrying cord. The white stick was accompanied by a small user-manual (which comes in E-book-format on the silver one), the silver one has an USB extension cord as an extra.

The documentation of none of the two sticks mentioned something about self-destruction features, so I figured it should be safe to open their casings to see what was inside. The casings themselves weren't too hard to open, but sturdy enough to survive yer olde' average oops-I-dropped-my-stick-type of fall. Anyway, this is what is in the plastic enclosures:

Both sticks contain a not-too-fancy USB-to-flash-and-finger-sensor-chip, 1GB of NAND-flash and a finger-sensor. The sensor itself seems to work by using the conduction of your finger: wiping a piece of plastic over it didn't make the software think a finger was present, while wiping a wet piece of cloth over it, did.

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