Useless as it may be, the entire Tamagotchi hive seems to be functioning very well. It has been up for a few months at the time of writing, and I have not had to interact with any of the 13 Tamagotchis myself: the Tamagotchis are taken care of perfectly well by the AI and seem to be having a good time.

There is one thing that may make it necessary for me to manually set a few things straight, and it is not because of a design issue but more because of a general biological problem. Whenever two Tamagotchis mate, they will eventually be replaced by two new Tamagotchis of a random sex. With only 13 Tamagotchis, however, there is a chance that at a certain point in time, all the Tamagotchis in the hive will be of the same sex, which would eventually make the hive die out. That is why I still keep an eye on the hive every now and then.

In general, this was a nice exercise in emulator programming. The end result isn't that useful, but hey, it's the journey that's important, not the destination.

If you want your very own Tamagotchi Matrix, I released all the sources on my Git server. Do a

git clone http://git.spritesserver.nl/tamatrix.git/
to get all the goodness, and I'd be very interested in hearing from you if you do something cool with it.

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mt19 wrote at 19 Feb 2019, 20.25:

Thank you :) A bright presentation. Lovely work of art :)

FairPlay137 wrote at 7 Nov 2018, 7.14:

I guess the Tamagotchi runs at 2MHz rather than 32KHz?

FairPlay137 wrote at 6 Nov 2018, 12.22:

I think I got the emulator running at true speed. I replaced the following line in tamaemu.c: const int t1div[]={0, 1, FCPU/32768, 0}; with this: const int t1div[]={0, 1, FCPU/2097152, 0};

RyomaruReaper wrote at 25 Mar 2018, 18.09:

Hello, I've gotten the TamaEmu to work, but now I compiled Tamaserver it simply does not work, it just automatically closes the window rigth after opening. Can someone help me?

magika wrote at 22 Jan 2018, 15.44:

Very cool. I have a new virtual pet on my computer. Best of all, it has a nanny builtin. Thanks for taking the time to figure this all out.

MK wrote at 20 May 2016, 19.18:

I've found this amazing! I've set up everything, I have some tamas in terminal, and the server started (he see's the new tamas, connections, packets etc) However, when I go to the Web folder, and click index.html, I can't see any of my babies :( can someone explain me why ?

Rena wrote at 9 Dec 2015, 6.35:

Awesome project. It's the Tamagotrix... I wonder why you don't use the box characters for pixels? â–‘â–’â–“â–ˆ Using the terminal for display is pretty neat, though. ps I think you forgot to link some of the images on the first few pages to large versions.

Sykophantes wrote at 8 Dec 2015, 3.50:

Great project. Do you have any routine trying to prevent Tamagotchi inbreeding ?

Laander wrote at 7 Dec 2015, 11.55:

This is fu*king awesome man. Gonna be playing around with creating a hive at scale, preferably with Docker containers running clusters of Tamas. In the name of... erggh... scalable virtual animal cruelty - and science.

pauface wrote at 6 Dec 2015, 20.53:

Brilliant endeavor. Thinking about all those uploads living charmed lives and being shepherded through tamagotchi eternity makes me crack up. May the AI be always in their favor.

Javantea wrote at 6 Dec 2015, 19.30:

Amazing work. I will definitely be looking over the source code. The update interval for the web server is a little fast, I wonder what tens of thousands of users will do to your server. Thank you for publishing the source code.

davybluei wrote at 6 Dec 2015, 17.38:

hives of any kind interest me.

Myles wrote at 6 Dec 2015, 14.23:

Thank you for writing this up and sharing videos you recorded along the way. I'm impressed with your breadth of knowledge. I'd love to pick your brain sometime about writing hardware emulators.

Jordi wrote at 6 Dec 2015, 11.03:

Brilliant! You certainly had some fun making this project come to life 😀

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