If you expected to find a tgz-file: You just fell victim to my redirect. I figured a nice story is a bit easier on the eyes than a bunch o'files.

When I saw Hackaday held a design contest, I decided I could whip something up to enter. This is what I came up with: a credit-card-sized board incorporating a LPC2103 and a Nokia 5110 LCD. There are some buttons on there too. The point of the device? It's an ARM-based game console. Ok, it doesn't have 3d graphics and 64bit color, just a small b/w screen and a 60MHz arm-processor, but it does run games.

I didn't have time to create my own games, so I programmed an emulator to be able to run binaries from another game system. What gamesystem could fit on a tiny b/w-display and an uC with just 8K of memory, you may ask? Well, in the 80s, some manufacturers of home-computer wanted to create a game-platform that'd make it easy to run games on and that would be compatible between several types of home-computers. They basically invented a virtual processor designed for games: the chip8. The computers the chip8 was emulated on, weren't that capable: a few K of memory and composite b/w output were all they had. Still, some fun games were written for the platform: check out this page if you want to play some of them.

A chip8 game screenshot

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