So, that's how I put together a tiny Doom bauble from a cheap ESP32 and a small LCD that acts like an even smaller LCD. As usual, everything (schematics, PCB artwork, case design, firmware) is all publicly released so if you want to have your own little Doom machine adorning your Christmas tree, you can.

Merry Christmas!

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Alexander wrote at 5 Apr 2023, 14.45:

OMG that's sick awesome. I wish to be patient enough

milia wrote at 27 Dec 2022, 5.10:

This is so cool indeed and also kinda insane (in a good way) :D ! Thanks for the detailed article & schematics !

Bindiroo wrote at 15 Dec 2022, 18.58:

This is way cool! Thanks for sharing it in all the detail.

mreckie wrote at 13 Dec 2022, 2.30:

That is so cool! And you just gave me an idea for getting Doom into a R/S Model 100. If the screen could be cut down to fit the 40 char x 8 line (is pixel-addressable) LCD, the rest of it, like this, could fit on a card that goes into the bus extender slot and takes over. Hmmmm. Gotta fix that M100...

Jeff wrote at 12 Dec 2022, 21.48:

I'm thinking if you could find a screen about twice the size, you could make a bauble closer in size to that ornament, and then make it much easier for people to see what is going on.

Nickalf wrote at 12 Dec 2022, 16.14:

... me again If you'd like to show it on our online Santa Party - Join us @ New Jersey Linux around 7pm US eastern time here: https://meetup.com/njlinux/events/290083516 Nick...

Nickalf wrote at 12 Dec 2022, 16.08:

Great Job - wish I had the fortitude to build my own. Is it available to purchase anywhere? Nick... Nick@DroneExpo.us

Nathan Broadbent wrote at 10 Dec 2022, 2.43:

This is awesome, thanks for sharing all the code and designs! I want to make my own one of these. I've also always wanted to make a mini PC running Windows 95, so might try to scale up the model to fit a bigger LCD and a Raspberry Pi.

Yannick wrote at 9 Dec 2022, 23.02:

Cool!! I can't wait to put it on my Xmas tree

Julien wrote at 8 Dec 2022, 16.46:

Very impressive work, thank you for sharing.

Ghost wrote at 8 Dec 2022, 14.46:

Very cool !

Dennis the Menace wrote at 8 Dec 2022, 11.55:

Amazing! Carrying on with the 'Doom can run on this' idea. Well done!

Vlad wrote at 7 Dec 2022, 17.50:

Love it! So cool and unique!

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