So, now I have a box that keeps an eye out for me... not very useful, I agree. However, I had fun making it and if I ever have something more useful I can do with an 16x16 LED display in a box, I can, as I have the code to control it now. Speaking of code, feel free to download my hacky work here. Hope you enjoyed and stay safe.

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me wrote at 28 Oct 2022, 8.22:

Ikea now has a NEW product. It's called Frekvens. There's the LED matrix and a blinky light module. Not sure of others. Probably twice the price now.

niq_to wrote at 11 May 2020, 14.32:

Nice project. I have a teensy 4 hooked up to the Ledcube and trying out some simple demos, my programm skills are very rusty and i wondered if you can give your 2cents if it would be an easy task to use your display driver code to integrate in the Arduino FastLED library as a driver for that board. i know it's 1color/grayscale only but it should be possible to map the rgb the grayscale instead?

Jakobsen wrote at 7 Apr 2020, 19.01:

Super hack and wirte up. Ikea is locked down in Denmark - Frekvens is not avali in online shop - Wanted the speaker stuff so much. /j

Jamison wrote at 7 Apr 2020, 5.21:

Could you somehow stack 12 together with one camera in the middle box? Creating a larger screen.

Whoisroot wrote at 6 Apr 2020, 21.43:

Wow! First of all, congratulations, nice project, beautiful hack and a well written post!! What a perfect combination! As @Yonatan said below, it reminds the Big Brother, so I thought it would look very nice if you made a second one, with the eye mirrored, and put them both on a bookshelf or on the wall, as if the books or the house was keeping track of you. Probably a bunch of extra work, bit maybe use the communication capabilities of the ESP to sync the eyes a little, just enough to not let them get cross-eyed.

ak_age wrote at 6 Apr 2020, 15.44:

really nice project! congrats!

Peter wrote at 6 Apr 2020, 13.50:

This is awesome! Nice work. Given me inspiration to hack the ones I have.

Christmas wrote at 6 Apr 2020, 8.56:

WOuld be cool to mod this so it acts as a e1.162 node for something like xlights... Could be amazing,.

rudi ;-) wrote at 2 Apr 2020, 20.28:

very nice Jeroen hope you are fine and safe! best wishes rudi

Yonatan wrote at 31 Mar 2020, 21.45:

Very impressive and at most, creative. Reminds me of Big Brother...

-Ma- wrote at 31 Mar 2020, 7.34:

You are definitely a genius, a hacky genius

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