Recently, SMC was in the news because of a GPL violation on one of their products, the WSKP100. As I read the news, I became interested in this device: according to the article it ran Linux, and a quick look revealed the device was only E80,-. That's not much for a neat little toy with a 200MHz ARM9-processor, LCD, WIFI and audio in/out, so I bought one.

As soon as I got home, I turned on the phone (I'd hate to have a DOA on my hands and only notice it after I'd already voided the warrantee) and as soon as I made sure it was in an OK condition, I screwed it open. It takes 4 torx-screws to do that, and 2 more to separate the main PCB from the rest. I already read there was some kind of serial port to be found on a connector on the main PCB, and after removing a sticker, I found it. Once I had connected it to my PC, I found out it really did run Linux, and even better: you get dropped in a rootshell after the phone has finished booting.

After playing around a bit, I decided to get a bit more serious. I do run a private Asterisk-server, so I decided it would be a good idea to convert the phone to speak the SIP-protocol.

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