What is gLCD?

gLCD is a program to drive various graphical LCD screens connected to a PC or other type of computer. The program is open-source and released under the GPL, so anyone can modify it. It is built in a modular fashion, so adding new LCDs should be a breeze. It uses the also open-source library LibGD for imaging support. Input is done via scripts which in their turn can read data from e,g, the /proc-dir.

What is supported?


(It may compile on other Unices and it most certainly should be portable to Win32, I just haven't tried yet.)



gLCD 0.1 - Initial version.
gLCD 0.1a - Added lph7653 support.


The gLCD doc directory is accessable here.


gLCD comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever. If you blow something using my program or instructions, your problem. Having said that:
If you have a graphical LCD (no controllerless LCDs please) you want to be supported in gLCD, I may help you. The standard arrangement is: send me 2 lcds + where to find docs on it, and I'll send you back one, fully soldered, for the price of the extra parts needed to connect the LCD to a PC and shipping cost. The next release of gLCD will then include support for your LCD. Please mail me if you want to make use of this arrangenment.



ravishankar wrote at 6 Jul 2015, 19.29:

superb.. You are really genius..

moileroi wrote at 17 Jan 2010, 12.44:

Link to Output/\\\"LPH7653-type LCDs\\\" broken. Different naming scheme (leading 0), different product: http://www.voti.nl/winkel/p/LCD-09.html -> http://www.voti.nl/winkel/catalog.html?LCD-09

Lady NuNu! wrote at 14 Jan 2007, 22.59:

Love your site!

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