When I bought my new house, I decided to install a HTPC and a nice beamer for my entertainment. I already had a white wall as a processor, and the beamer plus the Core2duo PC accompanying didn't really cost that much when compared to the cost of the rest of the house. Ofcourse, the HTPC runs Linux, with hardware-accellerated HD-playback made possible with the newer graphical cards. Because I have the most experience with that particular distro, I decided on installing Debian.

When I had to decide on a remote control for it, it didn't take me long to see a wii-mote would be ideal. It is wireless, has enough buttons to make movie control doable, and when turned 90 degrees, you can play a game with them too. (Even better: with my beamer I wouldn't need those silly silicon condoms: when a Wii-mote happens to fly out of my hand, it'll hit the wall the image is projected on instead of a thousands-of-euros plasma TV.)

And finally, the Wiimote would be a perfect absolute pointing device, so I had an instant mouse-emulator. Even better: with a bit of luck I could happily play all these lightgun shooters Mame emulates so well these days. Playing those with a mouse always feels a bit unnatural. Even more better-er: with two Wiimotes, I could theorically play the two-player games co-op with a friend.

Long story short: a trip to the local computer/gameshop later, I was the proud owner of 2 WiiMotes and a bluetooth USB-stick.

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