So, how did it end up looking? Here's a short video:

As usual, the code is freely downloadable and the parts I wrote are licensed under the GPLv3. If you use it to create something, I'd like a heads-up. If you manage to get the portal sending stuff to the Nether in this multiplayer world, I'd really appreciate a patch, hehe.

Many thanks to Claude Schwarz, both for telling me about the E66 display as wel as giving me the STM32s I used, J63 who helped me obtain the displays I used and ofcourse Notch and crew for creating Minecraft in the first place.

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Deadnuke wrote at 13 Feb 2014, 7.48:

Just saw this whole portal thing on thinkgeek and I must say this is pretty awesome. I really want to throw millions at your face just to have this.

Aurelian Shuttleworth wrote at 3 Jan 2014, 16.23:

Hi I just wanted to say me and my friends love the design :3 I was wondering would you mind if I built a few maby with some alterations for some of my friends ?

Asterix wrote at 27 Jan 2013, 13.10:

A classic case of "shut up and take my money."

Jason wrote at 26 Jun 2012, 14.40:

Would really like one of these. Would you consider selling some and how much?

Montdragon64 wrote at 1 Jun 2012, 5.23:

Thanks ! Great poject!

Sprite_tm wrote at 29 May 2012, 20.26:

Ebay, just look for a replacement lcd for a Nokia 6210, E66, E75, N78 and/or N82.

Montdragon64 wrote at 29 May 2012, 7.38:

This a wonderful project, I would like to know where I can get an LCD like this?

Pyrofer wrote at 11 Jul 2011, 12.06:

What a wonderfull waste of an LCD :) I love this project. You should sell the idea to Brando to make! I agree, it needs sound...

bking1138 wrote at 9 May 2011, 13.19:

Nice work! But if you want it to really seem \"realistic\" you need to add speakers so it makes the creepy portal noise. Better add a mute switch, though if you are going to keep it on your desk :)

InsanityOnABun wrote at 9 May 2011, 0.07:

You sir, should market and sell these. I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Logman1 wrote at 8 May 2011, 23.11:

Ok, you win everything.

Shaun wrote at 8 May 2011, 21.28:

What texture pack are you using?

Mikerman50 wrote at 8 May 2011, 21.12:

Wow looks cool, would be cool if there was a lava pool also

ilefx wrote at 8 May 2011, 20.42:

jeb from Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, just tweeted this. Great hack!

-random- wrote at 7 May 2011, 15.20:

wow, most excellent!

MorbiousStone wrote at 7 May 2011, 7.40:

How neat-o!! Good Job

Andy wrote at 7 May 2011, 6.56:

Spectacular hack. Congrats. I\'ve never played Minecraft, but I do respect a beautiful piece of code and hardware. It must look stunning on the office desk.

JoeJoe wrote at 7 May 2011, 3.28:

I don\'t get it.. why is this cool? minecraft/portal appear very lame.

Peter wrote at 6 May 2011, 22.08:

Truly incredible! Spectacular work!

dumble99 wrote at 6 May 2011, 19.47:

Is that really notch? anyway i would buy one of these for like 30 euros :P

rise wrote at 6 May 2011, 19.45:

That is so cool. Those particles actually look 3D. World\'s best nightlight right there.

Johannes wrote at 6 May 2011, 17.40:

@Fzm \"I love when Sprite_tm create stuff from scratch\" fixed :) No seriously, you are my hero! Sprite_tm, one day I hope I will be like you :D

Notch wrote at 6 May 2011, 15.46:

I approve.

Fzm wrote at 6 May 2011, 15.39:

Totally awesome. I love when people create stuff from the scratch.

Brent wrote at 6 May 2011, 15.19:

Well... This is amazing.

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