All in all, I think this is a fairly successful way to make a multicart. It's user-friendly, flexible and cheap and I'm pretty happy with it. Also, people are still making and selling games for the Vectrex, in the form of real physical cartridges, usually with a bit of OTP EPROM on them. By using a processor-based approach like I did, for only a few bucks more, games can have a fair bit more of storage and processor power. I would very much like to see games that make use of that in the wild.

I would actually go and try to make a kick-arse arm-powered 3d game myself, but unfortunately I'm moving away form my current home pretty soon and I don't really have a way to safely take my Vectrex with me. That is also why I won't release the PCB artwork of my cart: as is, it's pretty bodgy, and I have no way to test an improved version. I do offer all of the source code for my multicart and the two demos in the same sentiment (and under the GPLv3, as usual): it's not really polished, but should anyone wanting to expand on the concept with a starting point. As always, if you manage to do something interesting with the sources, I'd love to hear about it.

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rattboi wrote at 20 Dec 2019, 23.41:

For those looking for this, it's be recreated and continued development here: https://github.com/technobly/vectrex-cart

kneehighspy wrote at 15 Oct 2019, 17.17:

anyone able to create the binary? or anyone already have it compiled. tried many different ways to create, nothing seems to work.

Retro Dawn wrote at 19 Jun 2019, 12.59:

Damn! Quite astounding work here! There's currently a Vectrex flash cart vacuum, what with the VecMulti discontinued and the VecFever not yet being produced, and maybe not ever. If you, or someone else, produced these, they'd certainly sell, and I'd develop for it!

Zwar wrote at 12 Jan 2019, 23.23:

NUCLEO-F411RE actually, cheap

Zwar wrote at 12 Jan 2019, 23.11:

NUCLEO-F091RC dev board same ic

oggie wrote at 3 Oct 2018, 13.25:

You should release the pcb design files so that someone could continue your hard work. You did an amazing job and I'd hate to see it wither away.

Phillip Eaton wrote at 9 Jun 2018, 9.15:

Very cool project, thanks for posting it.

mark wrote at 26 May 2016, 7.37:

just a warning, anybody trying to build the source will need to change the code a bit, because of changes to the libopencm3 library API since this project was developed.

mark wrote at 18 May 2016, 1.26:

can you post your arm binary please, i cant get the makefile to build - it just says "Makefile:67: recipe for target 'main.o' failed" and is packed with compiler warnings :(

Will wrote at 9 Mar 2016, 17.09:

Any chance you'd share your source for the STM32? Would be helpful for me.

john wrote at 13 Nov 2015, 19.21:

would this code work on the STM32F446 ? because there is a really cheap dev-board called NUCLEO-F446RE that would be good as a starting point. it's also faster - something like 180Mhz!! :)

Ville Krumlinde wrote at 17 Sep 2015, 13.12:

Really nice work with the video and the doom hack :)

Marko wrote at 5 Jun 2015, 23.30:

Brilliant as always!

spring wrote at 10 May 2015, 13.19:

if this project was a SOUND, it would be that of glass being stretched into cotton candy.. OUTSTANDING. You ofc realise, I, and many of my fellow vectrex fanatics simply MUST have one of these Extreme Multicarts? Partially so we can partake in the next step of the vectrex's life, but also as a mark of respect for the effort in achievement here.. PLEASE licence/produce this design so we may shower You in cash and adoration :)

rb_ wrote at 1 May 2015, 2.27:

Great job here! I would like to ask in what program do you make these PCB designs? And where do you send them (to what manufacturer in China)? Thanks!

qos wrote at 25 Apr 2015, 19.20:

<3 awesome

bolt wrote at 25 Apr 2015, 11.41:

Colour me very impressed.

JM wrote at 22 Apr 2015, 16.18:

WOW. You're a monster of code and genius... Assembly for the cart interrupts! If the designers of the Vectrex are still alive, they would be impressed.

Ross wrote at 18 Apr 2015, 20.31:

Epic! A big achievement on limited hardware ;)

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