End result

And with everything screwed shut, it ended up looking like this. Front:


And this is how the device looks in his natural environment, the living room:

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Falco wrote at 13 Oct 2013, 4.15:

The "little PCB" that ran off the power plug from the Antec PSU is part of the transient filtering stage of the PSU. Its purpose is to filter the backfeed from the switching transistors and to filter out noise from the mains. While you could omit the stage (and it is often omitted on garbage PSUs) it isn't recommended.

Sprite_tm wrote at 26 Jun 2012, 9.04:

griffon: Not much. It's a nice device but a bit too old and power-hungry to have it act as a server, and not powerful enough as a workstation.

griffon wrote at 25 Jun 2012, 22.44:

Nice case mod. What do you do with the SGI Indigo in the background there?

galaga wrote at 21 May 2011, 2.33:

very cool but why not keep the tuner and use the pc to access the I2C bus and have the radio as well?

wlad wrote at 20 Mar 2009, 1.31:

hehe, nice looking, always nice to see your hacks :)

Sprite_tm wrote at 11 Mar 2009, 23.48:

Yes, I know, in my older days I'd have made it a sport to connect as much buttons to the built-in PC as possible. I've grown a bit wiser about that: experience has taught me that you can connect all sorts of buttons to do interesting things, but in the end you'll be using the remote control (aka laptop, or for my htpc: the wiimotes I have connected to it nowadays) 100% of the time. And yes, nvidia is evil, but at the moment they're the only ones having an usable GPU-movie-accelleration for Linux. I'd much rather go with Intel or something if that wasn't an issue.

JoeJoe wrote at 11 Mar 2009, 21.24:

..I meant no offence with the above, glad you're back hacking, more more more! :)

JoeJoe wrote at 11 Mar 2009, 21.18:

This is neat, but it would have been neat if more of the original player was left function, the front panel buttons.. the tape deck.. the CD player. Shoving something new into something old is commendable, but.. disguises should be functional. :) (..also, nvidia is evil.. how dare you.)

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