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For the background story: I've always had a fascination with pinball machines. Not that there were many around; in my neck of the woods, arcade machines already were hard to find, let alone proper pinball machines. However, we had a computer, and the Macintosh version of Pinball Construction Set was really cool to play with. Later, when we also had a PC around, Epic Pinball and to a lesser degree Silverball were played a lot: like a lot of DOS pinball simulators around that time, they had great music, graphics and gameplay.

Obviously, the few times I could play an actual pinball machine I was mesmerized by the plethora of lights, coils and other electronics making the silver ball do what it does best; the mechanics do add an extra dimension to the game, and simulation can't ever touch the intricacies of an actual steel ball rolling around on a real playfield. As I liked it so much, I actually acquired an actual Dr. Who table. Unfortunately, as it's quite hard and costly to take a pinball machine with you when you move continents, I had to leave it in Europe when I moved to Asia.

Fast forward a bit, and I find myself browsing the Historical Source Github repo; a repository with source codes to a bunch of historical games in it. It's always fun to leaf through the sources of games you might have played in the past, if only to learn a bunch of great new expletives. Browsing through the repos, I find a name I recognize: 'pinballfantasies'. Pinball Fantasies was one of those great pinball simulators of the '90s, and a competitor to Epic Pinball, developed on the Amiga by Digital Illusions (a game company which still is around, although they're better known by the initials DICE today.) After the Amiga release, it was ported to PC and a slew of other platforms. The Github repo actually contained the DOS x86 version, coded by Frontier Designs, which was the commercial disguise of the Swedish demogroup TSP or The Space Pigs.

Well, here I am. I am kinda missing my actual pinball machine, I have a history of making working, smaller versions of the things I like, so why not build a tiny pinball machine?

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