So, does it work? I'd say so. You can get a very clear indication if something is uploading or downloading, and the direction of rotation indicate which of the two it is. Here's a quick demo:

If you want to build your own, the sources can be downloaded over Git. You can also download the design for the acrylic if that helps you.

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Anders wrote at 8 Nov 2015, 14.39:

What a nice gadget. Have you thought about starting a production of those? I am quite sure there is a market for it, maybe not a big market, but nevertheless maybe enough for you to earn som pocket money. :) You could set up a crowdfunding campaign to finance pcbs and housing for the device. I would buy one!

Scott wrote at 9 Aug 2015, 2.06:


Technoshaman wrote at 30 Jul 2015, 17.33:

Great project! Time to make use of the Russian dekatrons I got a long time ago. Thank you for this :)

Eon wrote at 28 Jul 2015, 23.16:

Its a beautiful looking widget.

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