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When you burn the midnight oil in some badly-lit room with a laptop, it sometimes is hard to see the keyboard. While I, as most people who read this, can type blind, for some special characters the lack of light can get irritating. IBM has realised this some time ago, and that's why they include a Thinklight in their notebooks, which is a LED sitting at the top of the display shining down on the keyboard.

That's all nice and well, but I do not own a Thinkpad, so I don't have a Thinklight. I have a nice and sturdy Toughbook, which I hope to use for some years to come. I could take a maglite with me every time I think I'm going to be in a dark situation, but it's much more fun to hack up my own Thinklight-clone. And that's what I've done.


The following explanation works for me, I can't guarantee anything about your setup. If you blow up or otherwise destroy anything, it's not my fault. Eventual consequences of that (you losing your job, gf leaving you, ...) aren't my problem either. Same with you injuring yourself. Please, take care while hacking.

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