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Warning: The stock LB000021 firmware doesn't support USB. To use the USB-port, you should flash your router with firmware that supports it, e.g. this firmware.

The Sweex LB000021 is about the cheapest hardware router one can get. I bought mine for E25,- new. The fun thing about these routers is that there's a complete MIPS-architecture processor in it, the ADM5120, which runs Linux. One of the features of the ADM5120 is that it has an onboard USB-hostcontroller. In the LB000021, however, this feature is not used. In this tutorial I'll show you how to change that.

Disclaimer & warning

This is a hack, which works for me. However, I can't guarantee anything beyond that. If it works for you too, good for you. If it doesn't and any bad stuff happens, I'm not responsible. Secondly, you'll void your warranty by applying this hack to your router.


For this hack, you'll need:

If you want the PCB to look pretty afterwards, you can use SMD resistors. I think those'd be easier to solder too. I used normal 1/4W resistors, and they'll work too,

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