All in all, I got a pretty nice 3d-printed model running a solid PDP11 emulator with an OS which even could be accessed over the Internet if I were to forward a port or two.

If you also want to build one of these, the sources as well as the PCB designs and the case model files are all up on the Githubs.

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AlyssonR wrote at 16 Apr 2023, 14.50:

Incredible. Your base colour (grey-white or grey-beige) is pretty spot on for the original units before exposure to UV and air pollution. I'd like to see RT-11 running on one of these.

Andrew wrote at 20 Oct 2022, 21.32:

It would be great to see it modified to run on the esp32 vga based boards using the fabgl library.

Oleg Popov wrote at 17 Feb 2021, 17.52:

Thanks a lot! Pdp-11 was my life.

Martin Waller wrote at 2 Feb 2021, 14.08:

Excellent, thanks for sharing this.

willy wrote at 27 Jan 2021, 9.52:

It's awesome. I've been dreaming about porting a 2.11BSD or 4.3BSD to ESP32 and considered PDP11 emulation as a viable option as well, but didn't want to start until I could figure how to network it, because I did want to get an interactive shell. You've addressed all of these, it's great! Now finally we'll be able to install ESP32 devices everywhere with the ability to fix them live in field in an interactive way :-)

Paul Webster wrote at 21 Jan 2021, 18.48:


dan wrote at 20 Jan 2021, 18.16:

This is great... I've fond memories of the ol' PDP11, back in the day. Now my real question is... how do I attach my old nameplate onto my new PDP? http://fish2.com/mini-pdp.png

Tommy Thorn wrote at 18 Jan 2021, 17.17:

Sensational! I'd love a pair of the VT102 and Macintosh if someone should decide to offer them for sale (I'd suggested Tindie or Etsy). There are many iconic machines that might tempt you in future, like the Xerox Alto or the Cray 1.

Paul V wrote at 17 Jan 2021, 2.23:

Wow! Another impressive build! Thanks for sharing it.

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