Since RGB-leds became powerful enough to be used in lighting, I've been planning on incorporating them in my house interior somehow. I think the way you can set the atmosphere from nice and cool blue to warm red is something to be desired. A while ago, I've received a Philips LivingColor-lamp, so I already know how it feels. Now I live in my own house, though, a single lamp isn't going to cut it. Now, it would surely be possible to buy multiple of these devices, but at E120 a piece, that would get a bit costly...

Another alternative, which I might pursue in the future, is to incorporate RGB-leds in the interior. Hang them under curtain rails, hide them in nooks and crannies of the room and if you do this in enough places, you can get a really nice adjustable ambient color. Problem is that I'm not much of an interior decorator, and I want to be absolutely sure I like the effect of led lighting in my living room before I embark on a quest to put LEDs everywhere.

In the end, I decided to go with the third option: change the existing lighting to RGB-leds. If I made this into a plug-and-play solution, it would be easy to revert to the old lamps if it didn't work out. No wires would need to be pulled, no screwholes would be left in the walls, nothing of the sort. I even still had two el-cheapo light fixtures I didn't really need the light from to test everything out, so I only needed to make sure anything I'd make would fit into these.

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