End result

Well, you've seen the end result at the beginning. Some more pictures:

And a movie. You can see it happily running AdvanceMAME:

So now, I'm going to totally play old-school games for hours on end... on a tiny 2.4" display... while I have something more powerful in my back pocket... wait, why did I build this again?

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Dutch wrote at 1 Feb 2016, 19.13:

I will buy it now email me vuurwerkisgeenmisdaat@hotmail.com

Dror wrote at 27 Dec 2015, 23.04:

The best project, by far. I keep coming back to this project to read it. Again and again and again.

yaiwantone wrote at 10 Sep 2015, 16.35:

i will pay 300$ if you want to sell one? roll1@yopmail.com

darkflor2902 wrote at 19 Apr 2015, 5.30:

shut up and take my money

Francisco wrote at 4 Apr 2015, 2.13:

Absolutely great, congratulations, very good project!

Ron wrote at 11 Jan 2015, 20.58:

would love to buy a couple of those ron@perry1.net

Filipe wrote at 15 Dec 2014, 1.59:

Hi, I'm triyng do some hack in my 8" tablet's LCD, BUt is my firt time with LCDs screens, so, i go need some help. Best Regards Filipe dark-dede@live.com.pt

Fraggles wrote at 1 Dec 2014, 13.44:

You sir, are a god. Finally a project for my B+, thanks for the article.

bghyt wrote at 15 Nov 2014, 20.34:

where can i buy one? if so please if not still contact me how to get a kit and custom build it email: bghyt123@yahoo.co.uk

gabriel wrote at 16 Aug 2014, 21.56:

Would you sell this and a completed or a diykit

Bob wrote at 5 Aug 2014, 3.52:

i want to get one. can you send the price for it? E-mail: mineingtrucking76mink23@gmail.com

Sascha Sarodnick wrote at 17 Jun 2014, 21.29:

Hi, i want 2 buy one or two of this great stuff. Pls send me an email an a price 4 it. S.Sarodnick@microtec-gmbh.de

Sprite_tm wrote at 23 Apr 2014, 15.54:

It's a model B, I just desoldered the USB-port and exchanged it for a single one to have an easier connection to the joystick.

Makibishi wrote at 17 Apr 2014, 21.05:

Not sure if I overlooked this or not, but did you use a raspberry pi model A or B?

AorJoa wrote at 10 Apr 2014, 17.53:

Awesome! I love it :)

blablaman wrote at 10 Mar 2014, 19.20:

Please let me buy it

Javier wrote at 10 Mar 2014, 6.01:

This is really clever and quite awesome. Nice job! Hope to one day be able to create something like this myself from spare parts and some imagination.

susi wrote at 6 Mar 2014, 4.38:

How many money to build this ????? Please help me.. :(

Kevin wrote at 23 Feb 2014, 20.31:

How much would it cost for a kit? Email: kevinclayland at gmail dot com

alexis wrote at 12 Feb 2014, 21.26:

a download link please for ".img" : alexismarchand3@gmail.com

george wrote at 20 Jan 2014, 14.51:

2 questions does it go on youtube and what can it do what games and price mail me giorgos.gar175@gmail.com

philipp.berdesinski@web.de wrote at 17 Jan 2014, 16.42:

Send me a mail i want to buy it

Paul wrote at 4 Dec 2013, 10.34:

PayPal ready!!!!

DP wrote at 25 Oct 2013, 21.52:

Hey, if you are going to sell kits, let me know. xdethbloomsx@aol dot com, I have a pi, would just need everything else. Thanks!

Nicholas Moore wrote at 21 Oct 2013, 1.25:

Very very very nice. I did an extremely simple RPi console found here:http://nicholasmoore.net/2013/09/29/retroconsole-with-custom-music-rev3-1/ I am very interested with the mini led screen that you have that displays the game being played. I have installed pianobar a pandora client to run songs when playing. I would love to find away to display these songs on your little screen. Can you provide a link to purchase the screen and an advice. I only have intermediate skill set at this time. Thanks and great project!

Luiz wrote at 9 Oct 2013, 12.53:

Hi there! Excelent job, congrats.! I just bought a TFT display from dx.com and they say it is ILI9325. I wired it to the Pi, applied the patch, compiled the kernel & drivers, enabled ILI9325 frambuffer and nothing... OK, I don't have HDMI output, so I guess the framebuffer is active. The display only 'flicks' a little during boot, but it shows nothing. There are activity on all lines, checked with a scope. Any hint? May the TFT not be ILI9325 as you said on page 2? Thanks, best regsrds.

Igor wrote at 16 Sep 2013, 19.49:

I want to buy two machines. Send me mail. thanks

SirEdmar wrote at 12 Aug 2013, 23.02:

Never mind, i've got it running ;)

SirEdmar wrote at 12 Aug 2013, 21.52:

Hi, i'm adapting your Framebuffer driver for the use with an SSD1963 and got some issues with the set and reset commands in the GPIOSET macro. #define GPIOSET(no, ishigh) { if (ishigh) set|=(1<<no); else reset|=(1<<no); } while(0) The compiler mostly complains, that set and reset are undeclared... Could you give me some hint or idea where to look? I'm using a vanilla 3.6.11 Rasperry kernel and made the adaptions for my display to the driver and Kconfig and the Makefile... As the compiler i use arm-bcm2708-linux-gnueabi-gcc Regards, SirEdmar

Enrique wrote at 11 Aug 2013, 19.11:

Hahaha!... Hi Beatrice... what if you are a girl and blonded hair??

David wrote at 11 Aug 2013, 6.02:

That is awesome the company I work for Newark Element 14 has been selling these RasPi's like crazy and to build an arcade using it is something I would never have thought of I have 2 MAME cabinets Ive built myself 1 bartop and 1 upright.I will have to build one of these now thanks for all the detail and great work.

Domarius wrote at 8 Aug 2013, 17.55:

I'd like to buy one too - my email is domarius@gmail.com

beatrice wrote at 28 Jun 2013, 19.44:

hi i no idea for compile the kernel, please help me !!! can you share a image from your card 4 me ?? I have 3 Problems: 1. Linux 2. I am a girl 3. I have blond hair please help me :-)

dan wrote at 21 Jun 2013, 20.20:

i will lick your nipple for the price of this

dan wrote at 21 Jun 2013, 20.18:


Nick Outram wrote at 16 Jun 2013, 14.00:

Never ceases to amaze me how much hard work people are prepared to put into stuff they love -there's a lesson for life there! Great Work!

newbie wrote at 23 May 2013, 17.51:

I'm very impressive you project. can I know your perfect course of project my mail account is dounggi@gmail.com thank you.

Blit wrote at 20 May 2013, 22.24:

Thats just awesome! you should sell them on ebay or something - I know a few retro arcade fans that would looooove one!

rw wrote at 15 May 2013, 14.29:

Very very nice. Thank you for the detailed write up. It is inspirational.

Michael wrote at 29 Apr 2013, 15.31:

awesome!!!! Really great work!!!!!

glaros wrote at 12 Apr 2013, 22.00:

Hi Perfect project. ...would love to purchase one...

riper wrote at 9 Apr 2013, 20.39:

excelent work, congratulations!!

KJ wrote at 3 Apr 2013, 2.20:

I work in the game industry and am a gigantic fan of MAME projects and had been planning on building something like this using a 4 inch android tablet and just wiring in a joystick and buttons through usb then putting it into a cabinet. I have to say though yours is way better than what I was planning on and would love to purchase one if you would be willing to make and sell me one. This is by far the most awesome one I have seen so far! Kudos!

Investor wrote at 23 Mar 2013, 17.13:

Hello I am a buisness man from a large company and we would like to buy and patn this machine and sell on our market for a offer of 100,000 grand

Romeo wrote at 21 Mar 2013, 17.09:

Hi I brought this LCD screen "2.4" Truly Semiconductor TFT1N2966 TFT LCD Module, 240x320 High resolution, ILI9325 Controller" from Ebay, can you explain how can i connect this screen to Raspberry Pi GPIO (a Diagram would be helpful), i am kind of new to this

ol wrote at 19 Mar 2013, 16.00:

please, share full image system SD card. I compile a new kernel with Your .diff file, but no image on display...

darkomen wrote at 10 Mar 2013, 12.23:

I want to do the battery part, but i don't know what coil i must to buy. Can you tell me, more about the coil?

Julio Gutierrez wrote at 6 Mar 2013, 23.11:

Could you upload your raspbian image, with TFT driver?, I don't know how compile the kernel with that driver

Peter wrote at 24 Feb 2013, 20.28:

hello sprite first of all... this work is impressive ;) realy love it is it possible for you to write a detailed how to connect this display to the pi. i´m realy new to this stuff so called "noob" ;) what i want to do is to use a display on the pi just showing the console (x sever is not needed) thank you

Walter wrote at 18 Feb 2013, 16.24:

wow totally awesome, i have a nice 2.4" lcd display that uses the same chip already set for 8bit mode... it would be a great screen for a stand alone pi with built in screen :) thanks for the info

james wrote at 13 Feb 2013, 23.35:

i was wondering is this tutorial full and how much was it for all of the supply aproxomitly

Aidycox wrote at 11 Feb 2013, 23.18:

I'd be willing to pay 300

Clare wrote at 11 Feb 2013, 20.27:

I will pay you $200 for a complete working unit!

ThaSpecialOne wrote at 8 Feb 2013, 13.16:

Which languages do I need for that? Also C++ ?

blanka wrote at 28 Jan 2013, 14.23:

Can you tell about how to put AdvanceMame onto the Pi? This thing keeps me puzzled.

Gearing wrote at 22 Jan 2013, 23.23:

I have a ds lite lcd screen and touch screen, i was wondering if you could help me convert that to something that would work for the raspberry pi, Thanks :P

Alex wrote at 21 Jan 2013, 16.11:

Good job cool rassbarri pi project I'm going to have fun making mine

Sprite_tm wrote at 18 Jan 2013, 8.12:

Just to repeat it: I'm not going to sell these arcade cases (and especially not for $50... the parts are already worth more than that). If someone else wants to make them, feel free, but I have other things to do.

Mitch wrote at 18 Jan 2013, 5.27:

Vsauce3 game l&#363;t brought me here and I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brady wrote at 17 Jan 2013, 22.26:

I want it mail it to me hwy 101 1838 got that good to send it on my b day ok

nickireda wrote at 13 Jan 2013, 15.49:

Ill give you 50$ for one!!!

Wez wrote at 12 Jan 2013, 20.19:

Shut up, and take my money! I want to buy one! Name the price!!

Matt wrote at 11 Jan 2013, 19.41:

Its too complicated to build can I just buy one?

Levi wrote at 7 Jan 2013, 17.45:

Awesome!! Can I ask how it is powered without usb? What kind of batteries did you use?

Cameron wrote at 30 Dec 2012, 15.30:

Incredible work! I will definitely be going through this a few more times to make sure I don't miss anything. My main goal is to replicate your LCD setup. Once again, incredible!

Jake wrote at 29 Dec 2012, 16.01:

Seriously, name your price and I'll pay you for one plus the shipping and handling obviously! If I could manage to make it myself I would, but im just not there. Please make me one and name a price so I can have this for my bubble bobble collectibles!!!

Sprite_tm wrote at 28 Dec 2012, 14.25:

SuperFrog: To whatever size you can get an SPI-driven OLED-display for, basically.

SuperFrog wrote at 27 Dec 2012, 22.00:

That's great. I was thinking: how big/size can you go with the marquee screen with this technic?

Victor wrote at 22 Dec 2012, 17.59:

Where did you buy the joystick?

tolunay wrote at 22 Dec 2012, 2.58:

hi, I want to build this too, but i dont know how to patch the kernel and compile it. Could you make some sort of an manual for it?

rppajuelo wrote at 16 Dec 2012, 15.06:

You have it for sale? I want one!

chris wrote at 14 Dec 2012, 21.25:

Great Work! I'm just about to compile the kernel for the ILI9325 myself. I managed to get the source patch done, but don't have a clue how to "enable the ILI9325 framebuffer driver". Hope you can help me. Thanks!

Johannes wrote at 12 Dec 2012, 23.13:

Damn, this is really well built and such a cool hardware mod. I cant believe I have not seen this before now. Sprite_tm, as an electrical engineering student, I wish I will be able to do such impressive hardware & software hacks as you always seem to do. You are such a motivation for me, I will now put my USB framebuffer device for my linux powered NAS on my christmas to-do list - I already have all the parts ;). You make it look easy though..

Sprite_tm wrote at 8 Dec 2012, 15.11:

Tyler: Hi, I'm Sprite_tm and I think you can perfectly well make a list of supplies yourself from what's in the article.

Tyler wrote at 8 Dec 2012, 2.27:

Hi, I'm Tyler, and I'm thinking about making one of these, could you email me a list of supplies to ferdoty@gmail.com Thanks :)

Lorenzo wrote at 3 Dec 2012, 11.18:

Fantastic! you did a really great work!

vileer wrote at 1 Dec 2012, 18.49:

great works! do you have a tutorial to patch the kernel for raspberrypi?

Heathwithnoteeth wrote at 29 Nov 2012, 14.48:

why not add a "paywave" so you just wave your card to play...

Sprite_tm wrote at 29 Nov 2012, 10.40:

Wouter: Nah, I'd have to empty the coin collector every 10 games or so.

Wouter wrote at 28 Nov 2012, 20.58:

No coinslot?

lurker wrote at 28 Nov 2012, 6.57:

Love it. Especially the Oled Marquee, pure genius.

Irathi wrote at 27 Nov 2012, 13.43:


dennis wrote at 27 Nov 2012, 1.13:

so awesome. You motivate me to get one of these things i would love to build this with my daughter. your alright.

Nik wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 18.43:

wow great project!!! sell it as an Kit and you make money !

Under wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 18.01:

I was going to make a full-size MAME cabinet with a Raspberry Pi - you've inspired me to miniaturize it! The marquee display is a great hack. Now if you could only incorporate a tiny coin acceptor...

moi wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 16.34:

Wow, a five-projects-in-one post! I'm envy you for your productivity.

MrWheeliebin wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 12.52:

This is an amazing achievement. Inspirational! I'm amazed how quick the LCD runs on the GPIO pins. True craftsmanship.

Sprite_tm wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 9.00:

Gdogg: You're right! Good catch.

Artur wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 8.30:

Very interesting project! When I tried to build own SPI-controlled TFT display, I had some problems with SSD1289 driver. I found that item->info->fix.smem_start requires a physical address, so there is a need to use thevirt_to_phys() macro: item->info->fix.smem_start = virt_to_phys(...) If we are lucky, vmalloc() might have given us a chunk of memory that is linear. It seems that __get_free_pages()shall be used instead of vmalloc().

Gdogg wrote at 26 Nov 2012, 8.30:

On the first page you said it's hard to deny it's a bad thing. I think you mean it's hard to deny it's a good thing.

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