End result

Well, you've seen the end result at the beginning. Some more pictures:

And a movie. You can see it happily running AdvanceMAME:

So now, I'm going to totally play old-school games for hours on end... on a tiny 2.4" display... while I have something more powerful in my back pocket... wait, why did I build this again?

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darkflor2902 wrote at 19 Apr 2015, 5.30:

shut up and take my money

Francisco wrote at 4 Apr 2015, 2.13:

Absolutely great, congratulations, very good project!

Ron wrote at 11 Jan 2015, 20.58:

would love to buy a couple of those ron@perry1.net

Filipe wrote at 15 Dec 2014, 1.59:

Hi, I'm triyng do some hack in my 8" tablet's LCD, BUt is my firt time with LCDs screens, so, i go need some help. Best Regards Filipe dark-dede@live.com.pt

Fraggles wrote at 1 Dec 2014, 13.44:

You sir, are a god. Finally a project for my B+, thanks for the article.

bghyt wrote at 15 Nov 2014, 20.34:

where can i buy one? if so please if not still contact me how to get a kit and custom build it email: bghyt123@yahoo.co.uk

gabriel wrote at 16 Aug 2014, 21.56:

Would you sell this and a completed or a diykit

Bob wrote at 5 Aug 2014, 3.52:

i want to get one. can you send the price for it? E-mail: mineingtrucking76mink23@gmail.com

Sascha Sarodnick wrote at 17 Jun 2014, 21.29:

Hi, i want 2 buy one or two of this great stuff. Pls send me an email an a price 4 it. S.Sarodnick@microtec-gmbh.de

Sprite_tm wrote at 23 Apr 2014, 15.54:

It's a model B, I just desoldered the USB-port and exchanged it for a single one to have an easier connection to the joystick.

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