As you can see, the LB000021 has some unpopulated regions on the PCB. We'll be repopulating the 5V power supply and the USB-ports part.

5V power supply

As you can see, the original 5V power supply consists of quite a lot of parts. We'll take the dirty hack route here and replace them all with a simple 7805 and a capacitor.

Connect the 7805 to the PCB as seen in the image. The green stuff isn't directly solderable, you'll have to scrape it off with a knife till you see the copper PCB. Use an 100uF capacitor to populate C91. Watch out for the polarity of the thing.

USB port

I'll explain how to populate the USB port the farthest away from the Ethernet ports. If you want to repopulate the other port too, the process is similar.

U12USB connector 
R127Resistor 15K 
R128Resistor 15K 
R129Resistor 22 ohm 
R130Resistor 22 ohm 
C94Capacitor 100uF 
L14-Shortcut the 2 pads
L15-Shortcut the 2 pads
C95-Leave open
C96-Leave open

48MHz oscillator

The processor'll need a 48MHz clocksignal to time the communication tot the USB-port. Connect it like this:

Be sure to short-circuit the 2 pads of R16 (unfortunately obscured by the 2 C's on the photo). Alternatively, put the 1K resistor there.

Hardware: Finished!

Your board now might look like this:

Testing your rig

A few things you might want to check before you plug an USB device into the rig. Plug in your board and check:

If those points check out ok, you can go ahead and flash an USB-aware firmware image in the router.

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