While I usually do more useful things with my skills than pranking co-inhabitants of my flat, the usage of off-the-shelf items meant I could complete this hack in about an hour, and hey, being able to do some Monty Python-esque humour is worth it any time.

I know you guys (and/or gals) were expecting some nice footage of people being struck by the plasic inflatable beastie, but I don't have a webcam hanging next to the fish yet, and grabbing a camera and running out of my room when I hear screams turns out to be way to slow. I might add a webcam later, or perhaps I'll be more lucky with my normal camera; when that happens, I'll post pics.

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nevyn wrote at 12 Aug 2013, 7.11:

No auto reset?

Lagrange wrote at 31 Dec 2010, 16.59:

To me this looks like it\'s from \"SAW VI ... \'ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer\" :) Awesome!

Clint_S wrote at 9 Feb 2009, 2.49:

haha Brilliant dude! Totally reminds me of someone I know (who will be reading your write up soon heh) I also agree with the dude below me, however the bomb squad might not have been called, but SWAT due to a Hostage Situation, and the poor hostage is being hung from the ceiling and will be dropped if demands aren't met. Poor Swordfish would be cut down, taken to the hospital, ensured proper inflation, given mouth-to-inflation hole, then sent to weekly counseling sessions.

setac wrote at 18 Dec 2008, 3.07:

If you did this in the US the police would be called, you would be arrested, handcuffed and beaten, and the swordfish would be taken out into the street by the bomb squad and detonated with explosives.

Lucky luke wrote at 22 Nov 2008, 19.55:

why don't you use the same button that triggers the remote swordfish release to trigger a cheap (VGA) digital camera (from Intertoys, blokker, kruitvat or some shop like that)?

Dirk wrote at 29 Apr 2008, 20.43:

I once wired up a big red button I found to a giant school bell I also found. I hid the bell in a cabinet near the button. At least twice I heard RIIIING (footsteps running away).

A.J. wrote at 7 Aug 2007, 16.16:

"where's the any key?"

Fossalta wrote at 29 Jul 2007, 3.16:

Muhahaha... Reminds me of Homer Simpson in a way... a big red button with a sign: "Do not push"... and homer offcourse pushing it... DÔH !

j63 (co inhabitant) wrote at 13 Jun 2007, 11.40:

ARG! I can't do my laundry without Niels pressing the secondary button on the remotecontrolled outlet itself. (The washingmachine is directly under the fish)

marc wrote at 12 Jun 2007, 22.02:

Excellent! And we are waiting for a webpage/webcam view soon. As for me i found this hack intersting anyways, as fun was the purpose. Also in a more serious way, it is good to recycle parts when hacking.

mc_abel wrote at 1 Jun 2007, 22.43:

I'd love to see this working XD

Jimmy wrote at 31 May 2007, 4.30:

This definitely wasn't your best work... 1 on a scale of 10.

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