The box

We start with a nice box. It's painted black on the outside and white on the inside, to reflect the light better.

As light-source, we've used some bright leds, ofcourse in combination with a current limiting capacitor. The BUZ11s can switch much more, though, so using 12V lightbulbs or CCFLs would work too. You can even wire the device to, unlike other terror indicators, do something about the danger, too: just wire an old 12V PC fan in series with the red light, and the level of smell can go down much quicker.

The terror-levels are printed out using a color laserprinter. I'd love to offer the design, but I kinda lost it, so you have to make your own... On top is some plexiglass to shield the indicator from dust.

And eventually the toilet terror indicator nded up above the door of our toilet. The electronics and the speaker are behind the box of the indicator.

This article has been published before in Elektor. Thanks to D_Dragon (Chris) for the help with the casing.

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malte wrote at 7 Feb 2012, 19.25:

I'd do the sensing with a strain/pressure gauge under the toilet seat, so when it is put up, you can go to a straight #1 and when it is down and weight/pressure is put on it, it measures the time (first going to a straight #1) and when some threshold is crossed to #2 with the option of triggering an air-raid-siren after half an hour (; The wiring would have to be delicate because you still want to be able to clean your toilet without having to take extra care of sensitive electronics. So maybe the pressure gauge would sit between the seat and one of those rubber spacers and the wiring would either be put in a groove which would have to be cut into the seat or glued and then coated with epoxy or something similar either way.

David wrote at 10 Dec 2010, 6.16:

How about "Phwoar!!! I hope I never smell like that, even when I'm dead!!!"

David wrote at 9 Dec 2010, 12.09:

Now I want to interface this to a hacked "Billy Bass" hung on the outside of the door. When his LDR detects someone approaching, he checks the interior smell level and makes an appropriate comment or warning ("Keep Out!!! It Stinks!!!" etcetera)

Arnold wrote at 22 Feb 2010, 0.59:

Nice project! Love the signs on the door too.. "A better Netherlands begins here."

Bertrand wrote at 10 Apr 2009, 23.55:

"As light-source, we've used some bright leds, ofcourse in combination with a current limiting capacitor." Current limiting capacitor? You mean resistor :)

Ben wrote at 25 Nov 2007, 23.14:

What if you just used a circuit detector on an exhast fan. I have one of these in my bathroom. Most people look for these switches. Someone might just need the light to shower.

Ives van der Flaas wrote at 17 Nov 2007, 14.59:

The Elektor.com link is dead.

Brandon Thomson wrote at 16 Nov 2007, 1.57:

Nice work! I recognized that this was from Sam and Max right away when I saw this on hack a day and it was as awesome as I was expecting! =)

ethereal wrote at 15 Nov 2007, 23.56:

as a response to Rachel's comment about using gas sensors... Part of the humor in this project is: the threat level isn't actually based on "fact", merely speculation.

DrD wrote at 15 Nov 2007, 22.20:

Being unskilled with little bits of silicon tht go bang when I apply power to them, I'd love to see a modification of this circuit that is triggered by people speaking and drives a meter movement or LED bar graph. As conversation ebbs, the meter would slowly start to drop then pick up again as someone speaks with a tone generated when a certain threshold is exceeded. It would of course, be called a BS Detector.

Tony wrote at 15 Nov 2007, 20.16:

Congrats on making Hackaday!

Rachel wrote at 15 Nov 2007, 11.24:

Gas sensors aren't as expensive as you might think. A quick search on eBay for "hydrogen sulfide" and "h2s" reveals several listings for sensors priced around $25. Hydrogen sulfide is the principle scent component of flatulence, the concentration of which should be a very good indication of terror levels.

Amos wrote at 15 Nov 2007, 10.48:

You should post an MP3 of the ping sound for us wannabe's with no microcontrollers.

Spongy wrote at 15 Nov 2007, 6.13:

Haha, how many leds have you got on your desk!

Sprite-tm wrote at 14 Nov 2007, 23.22:

Just did :) Thanks for the suggestion.

Brian wrote at 14 Nov 2007, 22.55:

Have you sent this to Telltale games? I'm sure they'd get a kick out of it.

Sprite_tm wrote at 14 Nov 2007, 20.50:

Oops, thinko :) Is corrected.

me wrote at 14 Nov 2007, 20.47:

"we've used some bright leds, of course in combination with a current limiting capacitor", current limiting resistor, right?

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