Eventually, after a lot of hacking, I ended up with a kernel and filesystem that booted into the SIP-supporting hacked image. The nasty thing about it was that it took a Linux-machine, a WiFi-connection, an USB-connection and a serial connection to do it that way. I decided to look into the official SMC flashing tool. While the WSKP100 flasher seemed to work with unusable flash-images, probably to protect the Skype binaries, the SMCWSP100 flasher worked with plain old unencrypted binaries. Because I fiddled with the partitions the flash is divided in, I had to adjust the offset various files were written to. Luckily, these were available in plain old ascii in the flasher file. After a bit of testing, I had a tool to flash phones to my hacked version of the firmware.

You're probably itching to try the tool and firmware yourself now, so if you want to download it, it's here (15MB). Some people have reported that the WLAN-chip inside the phone gets a MAC of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF; unfortunately I haven't found a fix for that yet. If you can tell me where the MAC on these phones is stored, please do. The source of my version of the kernel (Warning: quick hack!) is downloadable too (44MB).

I still will try and develop my own software for this nice device, when I have some time on my hands. For now, this hacked-together firmware is a nice stopgap, and a cost-effective at it: I've seen the official SIP-version of this phone for twice the price I bought this one for.

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Silver Kuo wrote at 19 Aug 2022, 2.04:

this link ftp://ftp.vimcom.ru/Accton_Edge-Core/VoIP/WM4101_SIP/firmware/V0.9.12.12/v0.9.12.12_16M_full_STD_accton.exe is not working anymore. Can someone getly post an updated link??? thanks in advance!

Neil B wrote at 9 Dec 2019, 18.17:

Hi, I cant seem to get the flasher working? I get an error saying 'Problem occurred sending the vars section'. Your site has some great projects on it. Nice work! Thanks Neil

Thomas wrote at 26 Nov 2014, 18.32:

This is the current location of the firmware: http://www.mmnt.net/db/0/0/ Microsoft has updated the desktop and mobile versions of Skype in such a way that it broke compatibility with this phone. The phone starts in a low bandwidth codec and after a few seconds (when there is enough bandwidth) it goes to a high bandwidth codec. After the Skype update only the PC or app user can hear the other side after it switches to high bandwidth.

LWC wrote at 29 May 2013, 9.00:

Can it still use Skype after your hack?

Luis wrote at 31 Jul 2011, 11.02:

Anyone noticed the file \"homefs32m.jffs2.raw\" missing from the hack-v1.zip file? It is listed in the Flasher.INI file. I did find one from Accton that works, but I would like to know if Sprite\'s is more efficient. It seems Acctons does not use WPA2 and it doesn\'t seem to like connecting via WPA either (AES or TKIP).

tgrohn wrote at 29 Sep 2010, 19.19:

hallo there I have interese in it in skype telnet interface. if you have one more email adresse, in adriano.carosso@alice.ir I can only sometimes send email she gets back repeatedly. unfortunately, must use another email there I get back every time email

Adriano wrote at 25 Aug 2010, 8.46:

hi timV two year ago i develop a stable version of belkin FW and tools to load in it. If you are interested in some business write to me adriano.carosso@alice.it

timV wrote at 23 Jun 2010, 16.35:

I want to manufacture the wireless wifi IP phone. I willing to pay or partner for this business. I have many connection to manufacture in China. You should expand your idea to a full potential by doing . Don\'t let your mind go to waste by working for somebody else. Lets make history together Please call me at 832-373-6908

Antonio wrote at 10 May 2010, 7.41:

this link ftp://ftp.vimcom.ru/Accton_Edge-Core/VoIP/WM4101_SIP/firmware/V0.9.12.12/v0.9.12.12_16M_full_STD_accton.exe is not working anymore. Can someone getly post an updated link??? thanks in advance!

Lloyd Lopes wrote at 13 Apr 2010, 10.15:

Hi I have the Belkin phone - I\'m not sure what I\'m doing wrong... I wonder if you can help me ? Here\'s what I did... * Run original Belkin firmware update tool - click next to page which says have your phone disconnected from USB * Run your update tool. Program directories have been created. Tool runs. * Tool recognises USB device , and begins to download firmware. * Normally the progress bars go from 0% to 100% several times. Here , it does that once , and then the progress bar does not show any bars. It still says downloading data. This is where it locks up - I left it overnight to run and it was stuck in the same position in the morning. Is there anything immediately obvious I can look at to help solve the problem? Thanks Lloyd

Frank wrote at 1 Feb 2010, 3.37:

The /etc/resolv.conf linked to a non-existing /opt/home/default dir, so dns lookups didn\\\'t work, although DNS server was set correctly and confirmed by the phone\\\'s network stats.

Frank wrote at 1 Feb 2010, 3.27:

Finally got it working after about 12 hours.. 1. did what Michael wrote at 30 Aug 2007, 19.38: 2. setup wifi and wireshark network analyser 3. telnet to device port 2323. 4. remove and replace stale symlink /etc/resolv.conf or put ip alias for sip host in /etc/hosts 5. updated /opt/home/sip.conf because it still had old settings even when a new sip profile was set on the phone or in /opt/home/Settings/sipprofile.conf I had to fill in all settings,but stun, before the phone would even try to register. (6) put wifi AP at 9,18 or 36mbit and beacon interval 1000ms for health purposes ;). Thanks Sprite, now there is super quality sound without pops and cracking as with the skype fw.

lightmind wrote at 16 Jan 2010, 19.20:

I am having the same issue as Simon- Belkin F1PP000GN-SK. The Flash software will not recognize that it\'s connected even though it is recognized by Windows as a Disk Drive named \"Linux File-Stor Gadget USB Device\". Anybody have any ideas on how to get the Sip firmware onto this phone? Seems like the flash app is looking for something other than the device as recognized by Windows? Thanks in advance!

Jordy wrote at 5 Jan 2010, 11.46:

As h4u said before it works perfectly with accton software. One more time the link ftp://ftp.vimcom.ru/Accton_Edge-Core/VoIP/WM4101_SIP/firmware/V0.9.12.12/v0.9.12.12_16M_full_STD_accton.exe

Sprite_tm wrote at 10 Dec 2009, 9.57:

No Idea. I\'ve heard rumours about newer devices using a different chipset; maybe that\'s the problem.

Simon wrote at 8 Dec 2009, 20.12:

I get \'Waiting for USB device to connect\', and it just stays there. I\'ve tried unplugging and replugging the USB cable multiple times. The phone shows up as \'HS-30 Mass Storage Emulate\'. Any ideas? :-)

Simon wrote at 8 Dec 2009, 20.07:

I have a Belkin F1PP000GN-SK with firmware (that\\\'s what it came with when new). I run the flasher, any version, I plug the phone it, and it is never seen by the flasher - it stays at the \\\'Waiting for USB Connection\\\' screen all the time. The phone itself is recognised by Windows (as a storage device it seems, but without a drive being assigned to it), and the phone lights up with the battery icon when plugged in to the USB. I am running Windows 7. I have also tried with a VMWare image of Windows XP, and I get exactly the same. What am I doing wrong?

Randal wrote at 16 Nov 2009, 18.35:

I have several different versions of firmware for this unit. I have tested them and they all have different bugs. If you don't want to spend a lot of time messing with it, hit me back on here and I will give you a link to what I have found works the best.

h4u wrote at 27 Sep 2009, 23.21:

with this firmware work fine all ,mac address to ftp://ftp.vimcom.ru/Accton_Edge-Core/VoIP/WM4101_SIP/firmware/V0.9.12.12/v0.9.12.12_16M_full_STD_accton.exe

h4u wrote at 27 Sep 2009, 19.22:

Sean,you need run original flasher from smc site,do not click next button,copy all hacked files in to windows\temp\skypephone\flasher directory end run it,its work now.

@lvin wrote at 30 Aug 2009, 22.36:

Does anyone know how to setup the connection to Gizmo? I tried to use the modified version but failed. I just can connect to sipgate.com. The Basic page shows "Phone Number", "Display Name", "Auth. Name". Can I set the same value? And is the "Auth. Password" my Gizmo.com login password? And What is "DTMF type"??? Thanks a lot...

to PLuis 10/Apr/2009 wrote at 12 Jul 2009, 6.45:

The l33t skills to hack is cool. You know, like numchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills. Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills ;]]]]]]]]]

Anil wrote at 26 Jun 2009, 2.14:

Hello All, does anyone know what the password is for the Crade for the Accton VM1188T from the Earthlink Wifi Beta? Or how to load another firmware on the cradle?

PLuis wrote at 10 Apr 2009, 4.21:

Keep me posted on this one! I've got a WSKP100 sitting on the shelf still in the box. Long story shall be skipped, not I await the final results. Wish I had the l33t skills to hack like you do. Some day...

Jordy wrote at 17 Mar 2009, 19.28:

Found it: http://meuk.spritesserver.nl/tmp/wskp/hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip

Jordy wrote at 17 Mar 2009, 19.08:

Does anyone have the mac fix version to upload it somewhere ? This http://sprite.student.utwente.nl/~jeroen/tmp/wskp/hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip doesnt work. I flashed my wskp few times with the same diagnostic: FF mac.

Jorg wrote at 3 Mar 2009, 1.30:

Reiterating my request from last year (Happy New Year, Sprite. And all the best wishes for your new home): Sprite, could you release some information about the development environment you used? I am thinking about doing some additional changes like recompiling busybox to provide wget functionality (in order to provide web-based login). Also, I found that the 1 Meg "hosts" file you found unnecessary still exists in the distribution. Do you think I can delete it to get more space for ringtones etc?

Flas wrote at 11 Feb 2009, 17.07:

Now it works. Can anyone tell me the Sip settings for Voipbuster?

Flas wrote at 10 Feb 2009, 9.04:

It doesn´t work Any ideas?

sean wrote at 3 Feb 2009, 19.05:

Tried all combinations of filename etc in ini file. No image found by flasher. Files placed in directory specified in readme...does this work on a Vista machine? (Have also tried to run in compatability mode but to no avail). Those posters who edited and got this to work...what did you do??

arcadia2uk wrote at 27 Jan 2009, 14.50:

I tried on a different laptop and it worked flawlessly, go figure... Thanks, this was awsome. Excellent work.

arcadia2uk wrote at 27 Jan 2009, 0.31:

I tried the hack for the WSKP100 without success. The flashing for upgrade to latest version went OK. But when trying the hack I get an error message saying - "Error, no image file!!". In the flashing drectory I can find 2 raw files; <rootfs.jffs2.raw> <uImage.VM1188T_R01_32M.raw> while the <Flasher.INI> calls for <homefs32m.jffs2.raw>. I tried to modify this in all possible variations, both by changing the filenames and the .ini file, but no luck. What am I missing? Your input would be most appreciated. Thanks, arc

Alex wrote at 25 Jan 2009, 5.37:

You rock. It is absolutely amazing what you have done. I'm totally into smartphones because they are the future of telecommuting. Is it possible to create a program like this one for say the G1 Android phone? Since it runs on a 3G network, you're always connected at broadband speeds. Think of it, essentially free phone service for the price of a Data plan. Data plans are getting cheaper all the time. There is currently an app that was created for the G1 to access Skype. If you could create one to access a MagicJack account, you would blow past anyone out there. Here's the info for the G1 app to use a Skype account. Company: iSkoot Inc. Application: iSkoot for Skype Price: Free "If your business uses Skype, software that lets you make telephone calls over the Internet, iSkoot will give you the ability to use all of its features with your Android handset. Make Skype calls, view your contacts, chat, and even place calls to other phones anywhere in the world." Again, you seriously rock. Good luck if you decide to take on this project and please keep us all up to date. Thanks.

Sprite_tm wrote at 13 Jan 2009, 11.07:

Downloads are fixed again. See main page for more info.

John wrote at 10 Jan 2009, 20.09:

Does anyone have the files for this? The links are no longer working to download the fixed firmware.

skynetbbs wrote at 27 Dec 2008, 9.07:

Coujld it also support the FONspot autologon service as the skype version does??

Anders - Sweden wrote at 27 Nov 2008, 18.50:

Hej there. Unfortunately, I am one of the ones with a FF FF FF... mac. I can't connect to wifi. Have you found a solution for that?

sthacher wrote at 19 Oct 2008, 20.27:

Well this took a little bit of work to get it to flash mostly because the howto sucks I mean great hack but some key things are missing in the howto. And there is a file name that needs to be changed and a ini file that needed to be edited. I have done all this and repacked the files needed to flash the phone. I ended up using my flashed phone with macgicjack phone service. I just happen to own a site called magicjackhacks.com I have the fixed packages there hyper links in the order that are need to be used. So if you want pop on over there and check it out you can just ignore the parts that tell you how to configure it for use with magicjack. Again though this is really really good software hack thanks again

rk wrote at 10 Aug 2008, 4.07:

Does the "tool and firmware" require a serial cable? When I run the tool, it gives an error that it cannot find the image. Thank you.

Joey Caron wrote at 8 Aug 2008, 14.45:

Great work! Do you think it is possible to concider adding a little web-browser to this device ? It would be a must when public wifi acess require authentification.

lowtone wrote at 4 Aug 2008, 3.01:

Cant seem to get to the link :(

moris wrote at 19 Jul 2008, 13.48:

hi guys how i can to translate language in belkin phone or in other kind of wifi phone??

Saj wrote at 17 Jul 2008, 11.36:

Sorry guys, I'm new to this thing. What is the difference between using the skype phone and sip service? Just a bit curious. Thanks

natopista wrote at 22 Jun 2008, 16.55:

Sorry guys, but I can't download the SIP firmware. Alternative downloads?

phil wrote at 17 Jun 2008, 12.17:

Get a 'error. A problem occured while sending the Vars section' message when I try tio flash (run Flasher.exe). Any idea ? Tks

alek wrote at 15 Jun 2008, 22.19:

is possible a custom firmware that will support both skype & sip ?????

Helene wrote at 12 Jun 2008, 16.59:

To Jorg: It's works now with DHCP!!!! Thanks!

cRACKn wrote at 11 Jun 2008, 21.54:

Everything is working fine... the phone connects to my wifi network, DNS is working after some patchs (via telnet:2323), voip provider is registering and i can receive calls. the problem is when i try to make a call, the phone hangs at calling number screen. the end button isnt working so i need to restart the phone. noted that the screen hangs but the telnet access to the phone still working. if someone had the same problem please help. btw, i tested with a SMC WSKP-100 US version and with an EdgeCore Accton WM-4201 US version. both phones have the same problem. I can only receive calls. cheers, cRACKn

adriano wrote at 11 Jun 2008, 20.17:

Hi Brian, the firmware provided by Belkin is encrypted, no way to extract it. You can connect to phone via 3-wire serial line but you have to: 1. take a 10x lens to see pads on conn1 2. buy a mini soldering iron, stain and teflon wires 3. use it patiently (i've spend four hours to build it) 4. solder the 3 wires to an external Berg-type connector when you close Belkin again, then you must start create a 1.8 volt serial adaptor. I used a PL2303 based usb-to-serial cable with a 10 kilohm resistor on RX and TX. It was hard but now i have u-boot messages in minicom :-)

Jorg wrote at 30 May 2008, 14.02:

Oh, and replace the <br>'s in my previous post with "Carriage Return", "Enter" or however you might call the big key on your keyboard... ;-)

Jorg wrote at 30 May 2008, 14.01:

Helene, see hfmansons comment from March, 20 to resolve the DNS issue. Telnet into your phone on port 2323 and type the following commands: <br>cd /etc<br>ln -s ../opt/home/default/resolv.conf . <br>. This helps...

Helene wrote at 25 May 2008, 15.48:

I have a Belkin phone. It works with sip (My provider Internetcalls). But my phone doesn't work with DNS, so I didn't write names, but wrote IP-addresses.

Brian wrote at 22 May 2008, 3.18:

I should have tried this first but I'm running Linux. After running the flasher exe in windows, I got the familiar C:\windows\temp\SkypyPhone directory. The Belkin firmware is probably encrypted because it's a skype-only version but I figure I'll dig around anyway. @ Sprite are you using the supplied gcc/glibc/binutils to compile the kernel?

Brian wrote at 22 May 2008, 2.22:

Is there an easy way to extract the Belkin firmware from the exe supplied, or can it be pulled from the device? If pulling it from the device, I'm going to have to assume that you would need to be connected via serial, though I'm not very clear on what's involved. I'd like to extract the Belkin jffs2 image (assuming they assembled their firmware similarly to SMC's) so I can modify it.

adriano wrote at 12 May 2008, 15.16:

If you plan to reload all rootfs.raw, you can assign any MAC address with: ifconfig eth0 ifconfig eth0 hw ether 01:23:45:67:89:ab for example in your /etc/network/if-pre-up/setmac. I't worked for me.

Jorg wrote at 22 Apr 2008, 17.52:

Dutch, Sprite. No, I didn't even try. I think it will be difficult without Sprites response. Wouldn't it be possible to simply compress his development directory? As adriano pointed out, the MAC address is within the environment variables, so it should be possible to change it. However, once you've got your phone running and logged on to any wireless network, you can also log in via telnet on port 2323, so no need for a serial connection! I discovered this by mounting the jffs2 file from the firmware update on my linux machine. See http://maemo.org/community/wiki/modifyingrootimage/ to discover how this can be done.

Dutch wrote at 17 Apr 2008, 18.27:

Jorg, did you manage to compile the firmware? I;m desperate in seek of a way to get about 20 phone working for a test, but the 'fixed' MAC prevents me from doing this. Also, it's just a real pain to open every single phone and make the serial connection work. The resolv.conf problem is a no issue here, we use IP to connect anyway, but I really need someway to get different MAC addresses on it. Sprite don;t have the time atm as he told me.

Jorg wrote at 10 Apr 2008, 0.07:

Sprite, could you release some information about the development environment you used? I am thinking about doing some additional changes like recompiling busybox to provide wget functionality (in order to provide web-based login). Also, I found that the 1 Meg "hosts" file you found unnecessary still exists in the distribution. Do you think I can delete it to get more space for ringtones etc?

hfmanson wrote at 20 Mar 2008, 17.03:

when one uses hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip from sprite everything works except SIP. This is because /etc/resolv.conf is missing and therefore DNS is not available even if you don't use DHCP. Type cd /etc ln –s ../opt/home/default/resolv.conf . and reboot the phone. This should fix cocoboco17's problem

fiordifragola wrote at 25 Feb 2008, 13.26:

help me!! my SMC WSKP100 is dead :'(

adriano wrote at 24 Feb 2008, 23.16:

hi sprite, the mac address is hold by the u-boot environment vars. At least on my Belkin F1PP000Gn. i've changed it through serial port.

Sprite_tm wrote at 12 Feb 2008, 23.40:

I'm afraid not. My unit bounced a few times, and now it won't boot anymore. Atm, I'm not planning on getting a new one, so I don't think I'd be doing amy developement on this in the near future. Sorry!

Free06 wrote at 11 Feb 2008, 16.13:

I Sprite, do you have any plan to write a more didactic and comprehensive tutorial targeting non-technical users (including a rescue plan)? I am sure it would help to make this article quite popular in the geeko-sphere ;-)

Takenover83 wrote at 11 Feb 2008, 4.05:

I am also interested in a wip320 version, sense its firmware is also gpl.

cocoboco17 wrote at 7 Feb 2008, 12.32:

Hello! I flashed my WSKP100 phone with the latest firmware from Sprite_tm (btw. great work, 10xU a lot),the new mac is there, work fine, i use wireless router Asus WL500 gp, the phone discover and log on the network in my home, i can ping google from the phone, i have one account on Internetcalls.com, thei have a section SIP calls with the settings, i put this settings in my phone, restart the phone and got the message "Register Pending" and nothing happens. What is the problem? Please, i appreciate the help. Thank U in advance.

voip_user wrote at 2 Feb 2008, 13.57:

hello sprite is it possible to copy any simple webrowser (form a normal mobil) to this phone?

rolaf2@gmail.com wrote at 2 Feb 2008, 2.48:

Hi Sprite_tm :),can i write you private, becouse i'm realy amazed about this mod :) I have Edge-core wm4201 skype phone (same accton pcb with 128L18 flash). First what i'm tryed - flash this phone with 4101 SIP firmware , and phone is alive, but becouse 128mbit flash there no icons & ect ... then i found your striped firmware , and all is ok, but problems with mac ... ok, i can flash your mac fix, but maybe there is way to use original mac in nvram or bootloader or something like this... I tryed find 256L18 flash (no problem with bga resoldering) but no chances - diferent pinout... So I'm realy interested to solve mac problem , and maybe there is jtag for this phone ? BR R.

miiaowdotpurr wrote at 2 Feb 2008, 2.42:

Before anyone comments.. weird name used is my redundant skype name ;) Looking good so far, the fixed Mac version - took a few hits back and forth to get there, gonna test it out properly during daylight when me head is firmly in top gear and meshed ;) Regardless of hassles, since nothing 'hacked' is ever A1 straightforward, if people are happy and making use of their Belkin/SMC (insert other OEM here).., then it was a good effort to hack the firmware - hell, it was anyway :D Shame to have to use a potentially good bit of hardware (i bought my Belkin UK model specifically for the mod) on Skype when the real direction is non-proprietry VOIP. Keep at it, and hey.. if anyone cracks the bit about inserting the phones proper MAC addy back in (without the serial cable method i mean), that'll be a nice cherry on the cake, but hey.. that's something for another time :D Cheers.. from the virtual furry one :D

Peter wrote at 30 Jan 2008, 22.56:

Hi from Germany.. this is perfekt!

Jonny H wrote at 30 Jan 2008, 21.39:

Woot got it working on my belkin phone and registers with my voip provider.. i had to use ip address not the actual address they gave me.. only prob now is incomming calls dont seem to work, but i'll play with my router.. job well done sprite :)

FSAT wrote at 29 Jan 2008, 7.52:

Flashed my phone tonight - Yeah! Took a lot of trial and error, but here are the nuggets I felt would help others: 1) As said by others, it is necessary to first upgrade your phone to the latest firmware even if it is the same as on your phone. This will get a number of tools not in the .zip file installed. 2) When the firmware updater is starting to run, navigate to where the updater was "installed". Note: the installer only puts the flash updater in this location temporarily (for the duration that the flash updater is running). You need to capture the flash updater before it is erased by the installer. The way I did this was to copy the Flasher directory to a different directory while the Flasher was "waiting" for my phone to be connected. BTW: The Flasher directory will be in the %SystemRoot%\Temp\SkypyPhone where %SystemRoot% is where your system volume and directory are installed. Mine %SystemRoot% is C:\WIN2K02 (long story) so the directory was C:\WIN2K02\Temp\SkypyPhone. You do NOT need to actually install the firmware on the phone, but you DO need to have the installer and flash updater startup so you can copy the directory. After copying the directory, cancel out of the flash updater and go on to the next step. 3) Now that the flash updater has been captured in a different directory, copy the flash updater to the %SystemRoot%/Temp/SkypyPhone/Flasher directory again. You will need to run the flash updater again. Since it is not running under the installer provided by SMC, it will not be uninstalled/erased like it was in step 2. This is important as running the flash updater again is needed to install a number of support files required by the hack. 4) Now move the Flasher directory to a different name. This is done so the files in the hack .zip can be put a directory that has the same name as used by the flash updater in step 3. 5) Now unzip the hack .zip file into the Flasher directory. HAVING THE EXACT SAME DIRECTORY NAME AS IN STEP 3 IS IMPORTANT! Also, don't just unzip the files into the same directory that the SMC flash updater was placed into. 6) Update the Flasher.INI file to reflect the directory the files were placed into. This means replacing the C:\WINNT with your %SystemRoot%. 7) Rename the FlashWriterNOR-new.out file to FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out. This is necessary if you are using the flash updater included with the V1.0.0.22P1 firmware. You will also need to update the Flasher.INI file. 8) Finally run the Flasher.exe file included with the hack, hooking up your phone WHEN TOLD TO DO SO. The Flash process will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete once started. Hope this helps someone -- it took me about 3 hours of trial and error to get the flash update to work, including unbricking the phone 4 times... (See earlier posts for the battery trick to do this).

Sprite_tm wrote at 26 Jan 2008, 11.46:

Combine the info at http://wiki.gpl-devices.org/index.php/SMC_WSKP100G#Serial_Console with a freely sample'able MAX3218 and you should be off, providing you have the required electronic skills.

Yiannis wrote at 25 Jan 2008, 18.17:

Hi all, congrats for a great hack. I'm at a much more basic level... here it goes: I cannot figure out how to connect to the serial port (conn1 if I got it right) of the phone (wskp100). What I found under the keyboard pcb I can't even recognize as a port! Any help on what cable I should use (and how to use it for that matter)? Thanks for your understanding - we all have to start somewhere!

Froos wrote at 23 Jan 2008, 10.53:

Could this work on the linksys wip320 phone too? Get seem te get that thing to work and linksys updater cant update it anymore, any pointers?

clincks wrote at 11 Jan 2008, 1.20:

BTW, it's a Belkin Phone Thanks alot for help.

clincks wrote at 11 Jan 2008, 1.19:

Hi all, thanks for help. But still not work. I have download from the page: http://www.belkin.com/uk/support/article/?lid=enu&pid=F1PP000GNukSK&aid=6206&scid=315 the file: http://www.belkin.com/uk/support/article/?lid=enu&pid=f1pp000gnuksk&aid=6206&scid=315&fid=2867&fn=f1pp000gn-skv1_et_1.1.0.10_r20.exe Delete folder \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone Flash the phone. (disconnect the phone - don't start it) Extract Flash v2 found: here:http://sprite.student.utwente.nl/~jeroen/tmp/wskp/hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip (is it the right file ???? Because it's called v1... hum ???) Disconnect the phone then start it. After 1 minute, the phone is running but stay with FFFFFF adress !!! What is wrong ??? Thanks.

Dave wrote at 9 Jan 2008, 23.22:

With this new hack, will I be able to use sms text message through my skype phone. Because I see that sip allows it, but just have not read anything about it on this phone (I was highly disappointed to find out it did not allow sms). If so, does it work descent with it. Soon as i hear good news, I will be converting. Thanks!

Daman wrote at 9 Jan 2008, 10.18:

I almost got it going. After many tries the V2 ff mac fix flasher over and over again somehow it finally worked. V1 also worked but my fonera router doesent like the FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF broadcast adress mac adress. With V2/FF mac fix i can connect to my to WLAN and my voip provider. Only thing that doesent work right now is outbound calls but will try other WLAN today.

Lord Sip wrote at 9 Jan 2008, 1.37:

Thanks to Cole for very easy instructions to flash my Belkin - all working fine and back to Skype also!

Lord Sip wrote at 9 Jan 2008, 1.35:

To charge the battery you need to plug in the usb, then switch off the phone (you will see battery image). You can either leave it off to charge or switch back on and it will charge.

lanzaman wrote at 8 Jan 2008, 21.07:

cracked it. finally gey my phone to work on voipstunt. i had to delete the smc software from the computer first. then change the file to FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp. disconeected battery from the phone. plugged into a different usb port and ran the v2 hack. all working great. Only problem i have now is charging the phone via usb, I left the phone on charge all day with the battery meter showing it was charging,but when i disconnect the usb the battery meter show 2 bars and only last about 1 hour. anyone got any ideas Thanks

Daman wrote at 8 Jan 2008, 18.44:

After rebooting my computer the error msg about Vars dissapeared. Now the hacked V2 flasher (in \windows\temp..) starts flashing but it seems to freeze while downloading data. Log: Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Data... Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Image Data... Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Data... Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Flash Loader Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Data... Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Data... Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloading Variables Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Configuring SDRAM Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Setting External RAM Type Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.24 PM Downloaded SW Sent to Target, Target should Acknowledge Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:37.23 PM Loading Secondary Boot Code Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:36.44 PM Reading Input Image Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:36.44 PM Error, Cannot read image file. File Type might not be as claimed by extension. Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:36.44 PM Error, This is not image file. Tue, January 08, 2008: 19:36.44 PM Flasher Tools Version

Daman wrote at 8 Jan 2008, 17.46:

Im trying to install sip FW on my SMC WSKP100. Before i started to hack the phone i successfuly upgraded it to smc:s v1.0.0.22P1 FW. I have tried v1 and v2 but flashers gives the error msg: Error, Problem occured while sending the Vars section. Tried placing the Flasher dir in both winnt.. and windows/temp.. What can i do?

Cole wrote at 7 Jan 2008, 20.23:

But make sure you delete "Flasher" folder in \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone first!!

Cole wrote at 7 Jan 2008, 20.21:

btw, the above process flashing the mac fix (v2) to Belkin is COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE simply by flashing back to Belkin uk firmware I have done this many many times.

Cole wrote at 7 Jan 2008, 20.15:

Anyone with the Belkin need only do the following: 1.Delete "Flasher" folder \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone(do this every time before flashing to skype) 2. Flash with UK Belkin 3. Flash with mac fix (extract "Flasher" folder to \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone directory and run from there) 4. That's it - I recommend as good practice you delete "Flasher" folder after/before each flashing.

clincks wrote at 6 Jan 2008, 19.13:

I think it is the version available here http://sprite.student.utwente.nl/~jeroen/tmp/wskp/hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip postesd on 29 aug 2007. Let me know please if it works for you... and how you did it.

lanzaman wrote at 6 Jan 2008, 7.44:

been trying for days to hack my wskp100uk. just freezes up or back to skype. where can i get the hack v2 cheers

clincks wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 22.23:

Hi SteveG, well... thanks for the tips. So, you are not running on a Belkin model :-( I will not flash with version V2 --> This version is not appropriate for a Belkin phone. Flashing with that version is not reversible on a Belkin phone. (I read it here in this discution). Well, does somebody already has crack a Belkin phone??? If yes, please tell us how. Thanks.

SteveG wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 22.07:

Hi Clincks, I don't have a really good step-by-step yet because I was quickly trying very many things trying to get it to work. Basics steps were: 1. flash with SMC official skype latest firmware. 2. flash with hack V2 (mac fix version) 3. flash with hack V1 (original version. It's not that easy I tried best as possible to closely follow both Matthew & Michael's instructions above. It's a very tricky mess to work through and regardless of all the great efforts here from all it's still not very clear at all what exactly you have to do. And I'm not a great help either. Kind of like hey I got it working and now I'll just run away haha! Also keep in mind that I have the SMC version hardware. Belkin might be slightly different... I don't know. For now do what you need to do to get Hack V2 to flash on your phone and then try to boot it once, wait 5 minutes... you shold see the 'sun' screen but it won't go past that. Now remove the battery and usb. Now conect the usb and try to flash hack V1 hook plug on the battery while it is trying to communicate. Do what you need to do to now get hack V1 to flash. This is what I did and it worked.... Sorry I do not have a good step-by-step. I still don;t really understand exactly what I did to make it work. Steve

clincks wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 21.47:

Hi SteveG, I tried to call you with a GrandStream VOIP phone (with internetcalls.com) but the line was very bad my side. Did you hear somethink? After what I tried to call you with a "normal" phone... but your line was busy. Hope you will explain how you success to hack the Belkin Skype phone. Thanks in advance. See you.

clincks wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 21.38:

Hi SteveG, yes it was me. I'm trying installing the flash on a Belkin phone... but still have an FFFFF mac adress :-(( Could you please explain me step by step how to do it? (with link to the software aswell... I'm not sure to undestand everything... so I would like to have a resume. Thanks a lot in advance. I try to recall you.

SteveG wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 17.25:

HA! I see someone called and left me a voicemail! cool! But not sure how to call you back! Was that you clincks? :-)

SteveG wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 17.23:

I had to first flash with hack V2 (which would not boot past bootloader screen on phone. And then flash with hack V1 I think the V2 fixes the mac but does not actually work on the phone. So for me it seems that first flashing with v2 and then flashing with v1 did the trick. Now I'd like to be able to change the MAC so I can have more than one phone on same LAN. Howto? :-)

clincks wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 12.28:

Well, now the device is running the hacked version on a Belkin phone. (I used hack-v1.zip version) I have the problem with the MAC adress. I could not understand if I have to use the hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip version or not? (I'm using a Belkin - don't want to brake the phone). Can somebody let me know wich version I have to use? Thanks

clincks wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 12.25:

Hi all, OK, I get the point. I have use a tool from sysinternals to watch wich file is open, reaaded, ... When using an "official" installation, they are some temporary files that are cleaned during startup of the installation process. Theses files contains info about the configuration. --> If you get a message: "Error, A Problem occurred while sending the Vars". Just use an official exe... it clean up all the stuff. Click on cancel before flashing). Then try again with the hacked version. This has worked fine for me.

clincks wrote at 4 Jan 2008, 4.49:

Hi, I have a european version of theBelkin phone. I update to the US version version of the Belkin original flash (tvm1185t-flf-ak-v1.1.0.22p1-070921.exe). Then, when flashing is finnished, I use the "cracked" version of the flash: hack-v1.zip But the programs doesn't work: Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.26 AM Error, A Problem occurred while sending the Vars section Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.26 AM Downloading Data... Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.26 AM Downloading Data... Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.26 AM Downloading Variables Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.26 AM Reading Input Image Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.25 AM New Image File Selected Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.25 AM Unable to open the file Not Set Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.25 AM New Image File Selected Fri, January 04, 2008: 05:33.25 AM Flasher Tools Version I'm running Windows XP Pro service pack 2. Any idea what it can be? Thanks a lot.

SteveG wrote at 3 Jan 2008, 17.35:

YAY!!!! I finally got it going! & Love it! WeeHah!! Seems that it's a whilrwind of having to flash versions of firmware in the right order and renaming some files etc. So so strange that I couldn't get it to boot wit hthe hack V1 at all before just would get the bootloader "sun screen" Which I think is an indicator that the unit was flashed with a 32MB image instead of 16MB. However after flashing hack V2 (same won't get past bootloader problem) and then flashing Hack v1 right after. All is well! I'm not sure what really gives here... like where I/we are messing up the process. But I think I need to work at doing it and getting it better documented as to get rid of the many pitfalls that I kept stumbling into on this! And HEY!!! anyone want to chat Hacked WSKP100 -to- Hacked WSKP100???? Mine will be kept on and handy for hte next few days! It can be reached at our normal (public) telephone number: Which is +1 734 485-5469 and extension 4726 Gimme a ring if yer the chatty type. I'm quite pleased with the phone for a low end voip wifi brick. Only misssing feature is MWI (message waiting indicate) Get about one mile range to our outoor wifi access point! Looks like I need to reach up and drop some cookies in the jar. Steve

SteveG wrote at 3 Jan 2008, 7.13:

Thank you very much for your kind and timely advice! Well still could not get it to go at all with set in directory: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone Tried changing the INI file & all still nogo. However if I put all the files into: \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone\flasher It worked! Well the flashing worked no errors. Now phone simply powers up with very first initial "sun" looking image thing and never goes any further. Any ideas what to try next?? Badly would like to get SIP working on this! I run a number of asterisk servers! Thanks!!! Steve

Cole wrote at 3 Jan 2008, 2.55:

Make sure you are running the hacked firmware from \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone otherwise you may get "image not found " error. Also, make sure you always delete that directory (the Flasher folder) before extracting the hackware to it and also before running the skype installer.

SteveG wrote at 2 Jan 2008, 15.11:

Above comment first line should read: "Figured out quite by mistake although the unit is totally *UNresponsive*.... blah blah blah.... sorry Steve

SteveG wrote at 2 Jan 2008, 15.09:

One hour later... UNBRICK'd! Got it back! Figured out quite by mistake although the unit is totally responsive.... if you plug in the usb cable first with NO BATTERY installed.... now attempt to do a firmware update nothing will happen. but as soon as you pop in the battery while the firmware update utility is attempting to communicate with the device, it grabs & goes!! Plugging in the battery must initiate some type of usb boot routine which thankfully the firmware update utility can work with! Yay! Now I've started the attempts once again to load on the hacked sip yummy firmware however I now get the mentioned before "Image not found" error. Please note that within the provided INI file is: homefs32m.jffs2.raw However the .raw files provided are/is: rootfs.jffs2.raw -and- uImage.VM1188T_RT01_32M.raw Hmmm... the filename in the .INI does not match the provided file. What step am I missing here? Please help if you know! Thanks! Steve

SteveG wrote at 2 Jan 2008, 14.05:

BRICK'd my SMC Went round in circles for hours getting the "Error, A Problem occurred while sending the Vars section" tried it in c:\winnt\temp and c:\windows\temp subdirs. tried modifying the INI file to match path etc etc. Read ALL the posts here and readme multiple times. Flashed Belkin and SMC to phone without issues2 times each. Finally got frusterated and tried running the belkin updater to get the 'extra missing files in place' that seem to be needed but are very poorly documented... Killed the process and haphazardly pasted in the files from the hacked version. after 18 minutes and no errors go flashed sucessfully message and ever since that... Phone is completely dead... wont light up turn on or anything... Very very bricked.... USB shows up as unrecognizable device... usb drivers no longer see it. I'm not upset nor do I mind losing the device that much... but just wanted to share my results... and say be careful.. it's quite easy to totally brick this device..... Anybody have any unbricking recommendations??? ;-) Steve

Erick wrote at 31 Dec 2007, 15.37:

after firmware updated my Belkin phone is locked on the screen BELKIN... what i do?

gabriele wrote at 30 Dec 2007, 16.45:

Help me, error : no image files!!! It's normal? Thanks

Cole wrote at 28 Dec 2007, 20.22:

Shaun, I have done this multiple times successfully: 1. Delete "Flasher" folder \WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone(do this every time before flashing back to skype) 2. Flash with UK Belkin 3. Flash with mac fix (extract to above directory and run from there) 4. That's it - you should have a mac add - confirm this by going to menu/applications/system info *Network Status will be blank until you are connected to an AP

Shaun wrote at 26 Dec 2007, 14.38:

Hi I got a Belkin today, from Staples (£50 clearance). I can't seem to get it to work. I followed Michael's instructions, and as it said it would not boot until I flashed the original hacked firmware. However I didn't get a MAC address, i think, the network settings section was just blank. I forgot to read the bit about upgrading to the latest Skype firmware, which I am attempting now but it doesn't seem to boot. Can someone help me (as well as provide instructions that are known to work)?

Cole wrote at 25 Nov 2007, 4.22:

I have the Belkin and have flashed to the Mac fix(nonFF) and back to skype several times. However, I have the UK version - this may matter because I tried to flash from the Mac fix to the US version once (to see where the 1mb went) and it froze on the boot screen. I then flashed the UK version and all was well. The US version then flashed successfully from the UK version (just language differences). Many thanks and tributes to Sprite for this brilliant and extremely useful mod.

Mike wrote at 24 Nov 2007, 21.06:

Just a note again to BELKIN users - don't flash your phone with the non-FFed version. This second flash is NOT reversible. You can flash with the original and return to normal (just to check it out safely). Sprites wrote me a reply that said.. "What I think has happened, is that the phone itself is a bit different in its use of the primary partitions. My flash overwrites parts of it, but the original SMC flash will overwrite these parts again with it's own data, so that's no loss. I however think Belkins flash works a tad different and doesn't overwrite it." Cheers again to Sprites for this very cool mod. I returned my phone and got a new one (still under warantee) to resolve the inability to flash back to the original firmware.

aldost wrote at 24 Nov 2007, 14.41:

I got an error when run the flasher.exe. "Error, A Problem occurred while sending the Vars section

Martin wrote at 22 Nov 2007, 1.09:

Trying to access the cradle via its IP interface. For earthlink cradles the IP is not .1 as for SMC. Then it asks me for username and password, which I dont know. Earthlink claims it is blank for username and admin for password. Doesnt work. Reset doesnt help either.

Martin wrote at 21 Nov 2007, 23.09:

Success: I used your software and then SMC's TWICE. Only then would I get my phone to work. (Mine came from Earthlink with presets to Earthlink). Now trying to change the cradle. It creates some Earthlink WLAN where I do not know the password. Connecting via Ethernetcable I get no response from which is what SMC says the cradle is set to.

Martin wrote at 20 Nov 2007, 23.25:

Hi, I now used the newer version of the hack. All worked fine. But still won't register any VOIP, I tried two different ones: sipgate.de and 1und1.de. I am using an Airport Extreme Router and assigned a permanent IP Address. Phone connects to Wifi fine, but for the life of me cant get VOIP to work. (VOIP works on my laptop as softphone just fine).

Martin wrote at 20 Nov 2007, 20.29:

I have an Accton VM1188T from the Earthlink Wifi Beta trial. I could not run the SMC firmware, but I could run yours. However Sip won't work, even thought the phone allows me to put in all the info(which on Earthlink was locked). I can connect to my Wifi network, and did ports and all. Didnt help. Also get some error message about "wrong image file" when I try to re-run your program.

john wrote at 17 Nov 2007, 12.18:

very interesting hack, I have the SMC Skype phone, Converting to SIP could be quite useful. I was looking at vonage but they will not accept the mac address to sign up with. Are there any UK providers who would let me use this device? any way of being able to change the mac address to something acceptable to a voip provider?

edding wrote at 27 Oct 2007, 10.22:

Before flashing back to Skype you have to remove all the files in :C:\\WINDOWS\\Temp\\SkypyPhone

winter wrote at 23 Oct 2007, 13.09:

dude this is rocking thank alot i am asuming there is no wpa RADIUS Enterprise support (it a long shot) still trying to get ad-hoc wep to up at the moment(trying a re-flash now as it worked for greg ) nice one cheers

Greg wrote at 22 Oct 2007, 1.15:

no problem flashing the smc back to skype here

Mike wrote at 21 Oct 2007, 22.30:

None SSID broadcasting and encrypted networks I find can be added easily once you turn on SSID, then scan, fill in the encryption and then test to make sure it works. As an aside - has anyone successfully flashed back to SKYPE code? I cannot get mine to work. It keeps hanging on the boot screen (similar to when I installed Sprites v1 mod prior to running the FF fix). If you have done it, a step-by-step would be greatly appreciated. I noticed the Belkin distro uses v1.5 of the flasher and Sprites uses v1.4? Could this be the cause of the problem? Thanks ahead for your help - Mike

Greg wrote at 21 Oct 2007, 2.43:

Just re-installed it and wep works! Any news on the internet browser that was supposed to be included in the sip phone, that would be an awesome added app!

Greg wrote at 21 Oct 2007, 1.37:

Hi i have the SMC phone i flashed it and it works great! The only problem is that it only connect to unencrypted networks and for some reason wont connect to my wep encrypted network even when i type in the code. Any ideas?

slope wrote at 20 Oct 2007, 0.53:

an interesting idea: all of us who have used the Mac fix now have the same Mac address. The Cloud wifi network authenticates subscribers by Mac address...I propose a syndicate of cheapskates like me to share the £6.99 pm charge (not too many to minimise the chances of multiple log-ons!) Anyone interested post here or mail me at bastilleboy@hotmail.co.uk

jakubd wrote at 18 Oct 2007, 11.33:

Mike: You have to decide: you can use Skype OR SIP in this phone. So far you cannot have both.

Mike wrote at 16 Oct 2007, 23.16:

Hello from Canada - and thank you Sprites for this excellent mod! I have a Belkin Skype v.1011 f1pp000gn-sk phone. Following the instructions above, I successfully installed the modded software. The phone looks incredible, the firmware has tons of options. I guess I was so excited to remove the Belkin firmware I did not realize that I would no longer be able to log in to Skype? or am I wrong? From my reading above, I am guessing that installing the Asterisk server would enable the use of this phone? However, I am guessing that would need more hardware and a dedicated computer running 24/7? If anyone knows how I can get Skype service to work on this modded phone I would appreciate your advice. Thanks ahead!

monterey wrote at 12 Oct 2007, 20.18:

Has anyone got this working with FWD or Ekiga accounts? If so what are the settings? I've tried several things and just get "VOIP registering"

John275 wrote at 12 Oct 2007, 11.06:

Slope, I've changed my setup to use Coms.com on both my VoIP phones, so I don't need to try and dial a URL style number, I agree with your finding about the power management, but the SMC phone tends to be left in the USB charger whilst not in use. I look forward to an all singing dancing VoIP software that Sprite hinted at, should Sprite find the time. I'd also be interested in the firmware that scanboostar wrote about but I'm unable to download it as I get prompted for a user/password of which I don't have.

fliwatuet wrote at 9 Oct 2007, 15.35:

Offtopic: My Belkin phone has on the side of the USB connector 2 contacts for a charging cradle. Since Belkin does not offer any charging cradle as an option, I wanted to build it by myself. Could somebody with an SMC cradle do me a favour and measure the voltage and polarity of his cradle? Many thanks!

madeira wrote at 9 Oct 2007, 8.35:

Somebody did a try connecting to "ad hoc" networks? I'm trying to connect to my laptop wharing the internet connection but with no results. Any suggestion. Thanks. Ciao

Rah wrote at 6 Oct 2007, 8.36:

Does this version of the firmware have a browser to authenticate hotspots that require it?

Lifeguard wrote at 6 Oct 2007, 8.05:

SMC-WSKP100 FCC ID:HEDVM1185T Software Version V1.0.0.22 P1 2007/07/13 Hardware Version R03

slope wrote at 6 Oct 2007, 4.27:

John I can't see how it would be possible - but let me know if you succeed. A couple of things about using this firmware: the power management isn't great - less than a day on standby - but the call quality is very good. Also to get a full charge it seems to need to be switched off for couple hours - is this others' experience aswell? Lifeguard, if you post a bit more info eg phone type, firmware etc then someone here will probably be able to help

Lifeguard wrote at 4 Oct 2007, 8.24:

Somehow it is not working at my phone. The flash tools complains missing image. I cant find the home*.raw which is specified in the *.ini in my directory.

John275 wrote at 2 Oct 2007, 21.54:

Update: I can call sip:nnnnnnnn@coms.com from voipstunt but not from sipgate. I get unknown domain from sipgate and when I try the ipaddress of sip.coms.com I get the same. I'm unsure if I'm doing the correct thing. I'm still interested if anyone has managed to make a VoIP to VoIP call originating from the SMC phone?

John275 wrote at 2 Oct 2007, 18.44:

Nice one slope yes I have it working on coms.com as well, My only problem now is doing a voip call, I may have got this wrong but, I can't call my coms.com on sip:nnnnnnnnnnnn@coms.com. Also I can't find how to call a voip from the SMC phone 'How do you enter letters to dial a voip address?'

madeira wrote at 1 Oct 2007, 20.01:

Mike, you did it on a SMC HW, right?

mike wrote at 1 Oct 2007, 19.23:

ok, I tried installing the new version that gives a mac addres, it stays on the sun...when reinstalling orignal firmware, it freezes...now what ?

jansto wrote at 30 Sep 2007, 23.06:

Hi, the download at ftp.accton.com.tw/Maggie/SIPPhone/ does not work. Any other location or correct link possible?

slope wrote at 30 Sep 2007, 18.44:

I have incoming calls working with coms (coms.com) - they supply a free geographic uk number too. The setup is simple from this provider just follow their instructions except use port 5060 for domain, proxy and registrar. The great thing about this phone also is that you can use different profiles set up with different providers etc.

scanboostar wrote at 30 Sep 2007, 14.57:

Early versions of the SIP firmware from SMC where compatible with the WSKP100 and could be obtained from Accton (ftp.accton.com.tw dir /Maggie/SIPPhone/). v.9.12.12 was the last firmware for 16MB that I found newer versuieons where 32MB. This SIP firmware listens to Telnet on port 2323. This release is also compatibale with the Qtopia Desktop (on my Mac). This is very handy for managing your contacts. Its great to hear your story and what skills you had to use to achieve your goal. I definitely will give your firmwate a go sometime soon.

John275 wrote at 30 Sep 2007, 13.02:

I have also tried VoipStunt and disabled firewalls etc. But still unable to call the SMC sprite-tm hacked phone. My feeling is that there is something missing from the firmware upgrade (I used the mac fixed version), I also wonder if the potentially missing bits will blow the 16Mb if incorporated. I've reflashed with Skype firmare as a 2-way device is more useful for me at this time. However I'll re-visit this very helpful forum for any new developments or advice on getting incoming calls working.

Duncan wrote at 30 Sep 2007, 10.01:

Same problem here with incoming calls, could be my router setup issue, but I've allocated a fixed IP address to the phone and route all UDP/TCP 5060 & 3478. The phone does not ring and all incoming calls are routed to the voicemail.

John275 wrote at 30 Sep 2007, 8.01:

slope - I have exactly the same symptoms, Sipgate and no incoming calls and also need to use ip addresses. I am using port 0 of which I presume means automatic and when I dial another sipgate number the call is coming in from port 5060. Whilst the firmware is better than the Skype (thanks to Sprite-tm) it does rather limit the phones potential. Has anyone managed incoming call if so what provider/settings?

slope wrote at 29 Sep 2007, 18.48:

Many thanks madeira for the info - because the phone has problems with written ip addresses, these are the settings for sipgate: Domain/Proxy IP : Port : 5060 Register IP : Register Port : 5060 Outbound Proxy IP : Outbound Proxy Port : 5060 STUN : STUN Port : 10000 Phone Number : Your SIP ID User Name : Your SIP ID Password : Your SIP password These settings work but I currently can't receive incoming calls to the sipgate number. This may be a port forwarding issue - any ideas or info greatly appreciated.

Duncan wrote at 29 Sep 2007, 17.49:

Madeira, thanks for your update, time zone is now set correctly. I'm still investigating the battery problem, just returned home and the battery was flat, which may indicate that it was not charging, I've switch it off and left it charging. Like you said the Belkin units seem to be the most common, for those people in the UK, PcWorld have reduced the price down to £59, so its a real bargin Voip handset. I'm well impressed with the call quality, it will be interesting to see how it performs next week when I'm in India calling home to the UK.

madeira wrote at 29 Sep 2007, 12.49:

Duncan, my Belkin is working ok on channel 11. About the timezone, It's a little triky but you have to select the "More" in the dropdown list (where is Taipei, if I remember well) than you have to select the map and than navigate with the joystick until you get your preferred city. Finally to be honest I didn't notice the battery problem (at the moment I reverted to Skype firmware so I can't check now). Last, looking at the last posts it seems that Belkin phones are having much more "supporters" than SMC... Ciao

Duncan wrote at 29 Sep 2007, 10.36:

Good news just updated my Belkin (UK Version) with the hacked MAC version and its all working well. I have noticed the following problems, which hopefully will be fixed in a future version: 1. I had major problems connecting to my wireless router, in the end I had to change the router channel from 10 or 11 to 7 this allowed the Belkin to connect. 2. There's no European TimeZone settings, so its not possible to configure the clock, and the automatic update seems to be locked to 'Active' 3. Battery indicator shows the battery charging, but when off charge the level indicator does not show the battery as full. Apart from these the Sip functionallity is working, I have both VoipBuster & Plus.Net all working. I've not be able to dial international numbers or receive incoming calls using Plus.Net

madeira wrote at 28 Sep 2007, 21.03:

slope, other infos.. SIPGate (Germany) User ID: Enter Your SIPGate Number Authentication ID: Enter Your SIPGate Number Again Password: Enter Your SIPGate Password Special Setup>Outbound Proxy: proxy.de.sipgate.net Special Setup>Registrar Proxy: sipgate.de SIPGate (UK) User ID: Enter Your SIPGate Number Authentication ID: Enter Your SIPGate Number Again Password: Enter Your SIPGate Password Special Setup>Registrar Proxy: sipgate.co.uk Ciao

madeira wrote at 28 Sep 2007, 21.00:

Slope, here you can find some info about the parameters for sipgate UK http://www.wirelessforums.org/voip/zyxel-p-2602hw-d1a-sipgate-configuration-20932.html Ciao

madeira wrote at 28 Sep 2007, 20.55:

Slope, are you interested in sipgate in germany or UK?

slope wrote at 28 Sep 2007, 19.38:

Thanks Michael - my Belkin worked with just the Mac fix applied! Thanks to madeira for the settings for voipbuster. If anyone knows the sip settings for sipgate or coms I'd be very grateful.

Michael wrote at 27 Sep 2007, 17.43:

Slope yes, you can just use the latest belkin firmware. Run Mac fix. Then install original hack.

slope wrote at 26 Sep 2007, 23.46:

Or..is it possible to flash the Mac fix or original hack to the Belkin with the latest Belkin firmware? ( Any info is greatly appreciated.

slope wrote at 26 Sep 2007, 23.36:

Does anyone know where I can download firmware all the links now point to which won't flash to my Belkin. Many thanks to all.

edding wrote at 25 Sep 2007, 9.32:

Thanks Madeira for the voipstunt settings. I had to use the IP numbers and everything is working OK!

Mark wrote at 25 Sep 2007, 1.25:

I have been using a dreambox sat receiver and the Mac address is put in the "init" file in /var/etc and it has this line "ifconfig eth0 down hw ether 00:09:34:00:02:E6" so to change it you edit this line

fliwatuet wrote at 23 Sep 2007, 15.13:

@madeira: Thanks for your quick response. I'm now impatiently waiting for the postman ... :-))). I'll keep you updated. Ciao

madeira wrote at 23 Sep 2007, 15.07:

Hi fliwatuet... I flashed the Belkin with the MAC fix package. You can switch back with no problems, just remember to clean the C:\WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone otherwise the flasher will stall. I did a try with the last SMC Skype firmware but when trying the flash I get a message like "wrong hardware" (I don't remember but it's like the flasher identifies that it's flashing a Belkin). Does someone have a workaround for this problem?. Ciao.

fliwatuet wrote at 23 Sep 2007, 14.55:

Hi! Great project! I also ordered me a Belkin phone and plan to hack it. @madeira: How did you flash your Belkin - with the complicated method of Michael or simply with flashing the MAC fix? Can I switch back to the original Belkin Skype firmware? Can I switch to the most recent SMC Skype firmware of the 19. September 2007? Available here: http://www.smc.com/files/AQ/WSKP100_FUSA-V1.0.0.22P1.zip . Many thanks for your help and sorry for the many questions!

madeira wrote at 23 Sep 2007, 14.00:

Here the sip configuration for voipstunt: Basic Tab: Phone Number: User ID Display Name: anything Auth.Name: Voipstust User ID Auth. Password: Voipstunt password Advanced Tab: Domain: or sip.voipstunt.com Sip Proxy: or sip.voipstunt.com Sip Proxy Port: 5060 Sip Registar: or sip.voipstunt.com Sip Registar Port: 5060 USe Outbound Proxy: checked Outbound Proxy: or sip.voipstunt.com Outbound Proxy Port: 5060 Use STUN Server: checked STUN Server: or stun.voipstunt.com STUN Port: 3478 Ciao

edding wrote at 23 Sep 2007, 10.47:

Hi! Great job ! The way described by Matthew worked for me. Can somebody send the exact sip settings for voipstunt please.

ronzle wrote at 21 Sep 2007, 15.44:

First of all, congratulations,here from Germany ;) The phone works fine with your hack.

khillomarley wrote at 19 Sep 2007, 2.17:

geat work , thanks a lot. devloppement now should focus on connecting more than one belkin wifi phone to an AP.

TD-er wrote at 16 Sep 2007, 22.56:

@sambartle: Yes, you can always go back to the original firmware and you'll get your original MAC-address back.

sambartle wrote at 16 Sep 2007, 21.08:

This is gonna sound like a stupid question but it hasn't been covered as far as I can see.. If I flash with any of the new firmwares youve developed.. and get either the FF MAC or the new created MAC.. Can I then flash back to the original SMC firmware? And if I do what happens MAC wise? Do i get the original one back that the phone shipped with? Thanks, sam

madeira wrote at 14 Sep 2007, 22.05:

Hi all, maybe you already know but at http://www.wifiphone24.com/download.aspx#firmware is possible to download the source code of the firmware for SMC WSKP100 (Skype version). Is Skype source code there? What about having both in the hacked firmware maybe after the remove of some (or all!) of those useless applications? Ciao

madeira wrote at 13 Sep 2007, 18.52:

Edit. Everything ok on Belkin. The problem with Voipstunt is solved. You need to provide the IP addresses when configuring a VoIP service because network names are not resolved... maybe a problem with DNS? Anyway, through a WEB PBX like VoxaLot or LiberaIlVoip I'm managing incoming and outbound calls. I also took a look at the hacked source code and, please, Sprite_tm provide us more details on the development environment like compiler and other tools and where to obtain them. Finally, at the moment there are no firmware updates from SMC, but what would appen if? Again, thanks a lot for the great work here. Ciao.

john wrote at 9 Sep 2007, 21.28:

Hi. Would you be kind enough to tell me which address the MAC addy 00:12:01:02:03:04 is located at, so I can possibly change it with a hex editor? I have 3 phones and wish to use them with my AP, but need to obviously give each one a seperate MAC.

madeira wrote at 9 Sep 2007, 10.13:

Tested the MAC fix on Belkin WiFi Phone and runs perfect. I can connect to wifi lans and register to Voip providers. I can't connecy to Voipstunt as sip client (I can with Sjphone). Anyway, great work here and thanks a lot. Ciao

cRACKn wrote at 4 Sep 2007, 0.05:

I tested with MAC fix version and my phone hangs at the SUN !! :) i flashed before with oficial SMC .19 firmware USA and after that i tested with both non fixed MAC and Fixed MAC. non fixed MAC runs fine but with FFFFFFFFF. fixed MAC shows only the SUN hehe cya cRACKn

robson wrote at 31 Aug 2007, 16.47:

Is it possible to edit the firmware so that it will create the correct mac? Does this have to be done in linux? Is this hard to do? Where did you buy your smc? Regards, Robson.

Osnofian wrote at 30 Aug 2007, 20.54:

Hi, I can run the flasher ok, but I can't get past the sun when I boot. I have tried with the "standard" version and with the FF bug version. I even tried the standard version after flashing with the USA version of the smc skype firmware. Any help?? Thanks

Matthew wrote at 30 Aug 2007, 17.55:

Excellent, glad to hear you got things working Michael! The only niggle I have now is that the phone has received the mac address written to ROM by the mac-fix hacked flasher, which means that performing the same hack on the second handset I have will give them both an identical MAC address. Not a problem if you don't want to use more than one at a time on your network, though! Just for the record, I set everything up today to allow me to connect to my Asterisk server and it works just fine, I can call all the other wired SIP phones around the house. Thanks Sprite for this excellent hack, I will have to remember to donate to the tip jar when I get paid again next month :)

Michael wrote at 30 Aug 2007, 17.38:

Sussed it! Sorry Matthew I misunderstood what you had been saying. I thought you meant I had to install SMC firmware fully 1st, not just install and close task down. Here is what I did for others who want to know. The phone is a Belkin Skype Phone. 1. Installed the SOFTWARE for SMC USA version firmware update. I then used task manager to close the flasher app and the installer. This installer creates a directory and files in c:/windows/temp/skpyphone/flasher 2. I then deleted the lot making a note of the filename FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out which had been created, which is crucial for this to work. 3. In this empty directory, I extracted the hacked mac address update in here. So location again is c:/windows/temp/skpyphone/flasher 4.The important bit was to rename the file in this directory called FlashWriterNOR-new.out with FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out. 5.I now ran the flasher - all went well with that. All I had though when I turned on the phone was a "frozen" belkin spash screen. Would not fully boot. This was no problem though as Matthew said. 6.Now I extracted the ORIGINAL hack of sprites into this directory c:/windows/temp/skpyphone/flasher. It overwrites some of the other ones but leaves FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out. there. 7. I ran the flasher, went fine. Turned on the phone and GREAT I have a nice MAC addy which allows me to connect to my router. That's it. I was begining to think becasue I had a belkin phone I was doomed even though it is the same phone. So now it does work even if the process is a bit long winded and not very easy to explain!

Michael wrote at 30 Aug 2007, 8.46:

Thu, August 30, 2007: 09:41.03 AM Flash Firmware Error occurred: code -65535 Thu, August 30, 2007: 09:41.03 AM Error !! wrong Hardware If I Run the Skype SMC software fom USA site I get this. The Belkin firmware is not as up to date as the SMC one, so I don't think it will work. There must be a way of forcing the SMC firmware onto my phone. The older versions from the site DO work. It is only the newer one which does not, and it says wrong hardware.

Matthew wrote at 30 Aug 2007, 5.50:

Michael, if you could run the previous hack then the Belkin flasher must be pretty similar. Are you in the US or Europe? If the latter, try going on the US Belkin site and downloading the flasher for the US model of your phone, then retry the original hack. Interestingly, even though the new hack didn't work it did manage to change the MAC address of the phone, as the handset I now have working with the original Sprite hack + american flasher package shows 00:12:01:02:03:04

Michael wrote at 29 Aug 2007, 22.12:

Not sure where it leave me though. I have a belkin Phone. F1PP000GN-SK. I have the latest firmware from Belkin. I cannot install the SMC firmware since the firmware is not allowed on my phone. It says wrong hardware type. I can install the FON firmware (the one with the sun) but not SMC. After trying the new hack I still have mac addy of FF etc. Is there a way of changing the SMC firmware to run on my phone. Bearing in mind the Belkin phone is exactly the same as SMC , with a different colour. The original hack does work but I just get FF mac addy.

Matthew wrote at 29 Aug 2007, 21.35:

Well, that appears to be it! I just downloaded the official Skype firmware (but this time the US version instead of the UK firmware intended for my WSKP100 model), ran it, and then ran with the ORIGINAL sprite hack. The phone now has a MAC!!! :D

Matthew wrote at 29 Aug 2007, 21.14:

After a little more research it appears there is indeed some difference between the UK and US firmware, both are on v1.0.0.19P1 but the SMC site reports the US version as a 15745kb download, yet the UK download package is 15529kb.

Matthew wrote at 29 Aug 2007, 20.41:

Sprite, downloaded the new flasher a few hours ago and have been messing around with it since then. First up, I noticed the readme now advises flashing to the latest Skype firmware before doing anything else, which I did. I then extracted the mac-fix hacked flasher to the correct directory and tried to run, but got the old "image file not found" error that I had previosly encounted by trying to run the program from /winnt instead of /windows. It seems that the official download for the WSKP100 from SMC now cleans up after itself when it finishes - I had to run the official flasher and then force quit via task manager before I could run the hacked flasher without getting the image not found error. I extracted the mac-fix hack for a second time to the necessary directory and tried to run, this time I received an error regarding a missing FlashWriterNOR file. After some tinkering it seems that renaming the FlashWriterNOR-new file included with the hacked package to FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out as included with the official firmware seems to clear this error and actually allow the flasher to run. So, now the bit you're really interested in. The ROM was successfully written, but on powering on the handset it is nothing more than a rather expensive picture of the sun! It'll just sit at that point for as long as you leave it and never get any further in the boot process. Luckily it doesn't brick and phone and its still possible to flash back, the handset will still accept and run with the original hacked firmware (albeit with an unusable MAC address). Could this perhaps be an issue with some subtle difference with the WSKP100 you have for testing and the WSKP100UK handset that I (and presumably others) are using?

Sprite_tm wrote at 29 Aug 2007, 15.58:

Ok, I've finished a version of the code that'll change the MAC to 00:12:01:02:03:04 if it finds a mac of all FFs. If you want to, you can try it; be sure to read the readme though! File is at http://sprite.student.utwente.nl/~jeroen/tmp/wskp/hacked_v1_ff-mac-fix.zip . Reports of (non-)working phones are appreciated, as always.

predi wrote at 29 Aug 2007, 13.30:

Has anybody tried the reverese, to put WSKP100 (Skype) firmware into a SMCWSP-100 (SIP) phone. Is it possible and reversible? If I can help somehow with the MAC problem as I have an original SMCWSP-100 just ask.

Michael wrote at 28 Aug 2007, 20.59:

@rstefani. Yes the software does work. The flash update works and the software is installed. However in order to connect to an Access Point (wireless router) the phone has to have a MAC address other then FF:FF:FF:FF:FF . This address will not connect to a router at all, since it is a broadcast address used for other purposes. So as to it working yes it does, but it's not of much use right now. Unless you want World time or a calculator. Because the software looks so good on the phone, resembeling more of a mobile phone than skype does with its silly noises, I have left it on, and abandoned Skype altogether since I cannot face downgrading! Leaves me without a VOIP phone, but it does look rather cool as is, even if it doesn't connect to the internet. I am just anxiously awaiting some sort of fix, when that appears I will give the tip jar a good boost.

rstefani wrote at 28 Aug 2007, 2.47:

Does the SIP version work on a phone that was a Skype phone? I see comments about the MAC address and couldn't figure out if it works or not. Thanks...

Matthew wrote at 27 Aug 2007, 20.45:

I have no idea what I must have been drinking, but my typing was absolutely atrocious at the time I wrote that! 115200 was one of the bitrates I tried (and not the 155200 I seem to have invented) but I still didn't manage to get anything useful from the handset. I took the pinouts for the serial header from the GPL devices WIKI, but looking at the revision history it seems that the connections have mysteriously moved from pins 1, 4 and 5 to 1, 5 and 6. Maybe I'll have another crack at it some time! I'm not sure how TD-er set a MAC address in software, but I had just planned to run ifconfig and set it that way. I assume the same thing can be done using HWADDR in the eth configuration file.

Sprite_tm wrote at 27 Aug 2007, 18.15:

Matthew: It's 115200, 8n1, no flow control. You sure you connect the right wires? Anyway, I'll see if I can make something like a fallback-random-mac-generator-thingy so the firmware will get a mac regardless of if a mac is found or not. TD-er: When and how exactly did you give the mac to the phone?

Matthew wrote at 27 Aug 2007, 15.06:

TD-er, I assume you used the serial console to set a MAC address? I had the idea of doing the same thing yesterday, but have been unable to initiate a working console connection with the phone. What settings did you use for the serial port on your PC? I've tried 4800,9600,19200,58400,155200bps with and without flor control (all 8N1) and only managed to get gibberish from the port.

Michael wrote at 27 Aug 2007, 13.13:

Thanyou Td-er for your reply. I looked at VOIPbuster and it looks great and offers better deals than skype. However since Im still stuck with the MAC address problem , I cannot use it which is a real shame. Any idea Sprite if you would be able to resolve this issue in the near future? or possibly any work around?

TD-er wrote at 27 Aug 2007, 12.11:

@Michael: With SIP you can connect to a VoIP-provider like VoIPBuster (voipbuster.com), or any other VoIP-provider which allows you to call landlines. It is also compatible with Asterisk, which is a free PBX. The problem with the FF:FF:...:FF MAC-address is caused by the different locations used for storing the mac-address. I've tested with assigning a MAC-address to the eth-port and then it is possible to make a connection. So perhaps it is a sollution to adapt the UI so a MAC-address can be entered by hand.

Infor_mare wrote at 26 Aug 2007, 16.16:

I'm trying to use your flasher , but i have some problems. 1) in the ini i see the file homefs32m.jffs2.raw like image .. but in the zip there is only rootfs.jffs2.raw. Is it the same? 2) If i change with root... file i can do the upgrade. After the update if i switch on the smc , it flashes for 1 second that it switchs off by itself. Why?? thanks

Michael wrote at 23 Aug 2007, 21.59:

It works for the Belkin Phone as well, I'm sure many will be interested in that. However the MAC address is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF and thus it will not connect to my home network router. The software is much better than skype. However I must admit I have no idea what SIP actually is or does apart from I have found I can run a home server for it and have found a windows version server also. When the MAC addy problem is fixed I will look at this again since the features are so much better than skype's.

cRACKn wrote at 22 Aug 2007, 19.38:

I did the upgrade and now I have the FF:FF:FF:FF:FF MAC address problem. any sugestions to fix it ? thanks cRACKn

cRACKn wrote at 20 Aug 2007, 22.23:

Well done. keep the good work and if you need one more beta tester :) fell free to ask. cya cRACKn

Luis Perez wrote at 16 Aug 2007, 22.25:

Good God! You're dedicated! I want your brain. Please assimilate me!? Let me know how I can help. bitsmt at gee mail dot com

Skye wrote at 14 Aug 2007, 20.24:

Hi Sprite_tm, any idea when you can make the firmware downloadable again?

dawuss wrote at 14 Aug 2007, 8.31:

Sounds cool, you actually improved the product by removing the proprietary parts :D

Mo wrote at 7 Aug 2007, 1.18:

Sprite_tm cannot thank you enough... !

Sprite_tm wrote at 6 Aug 2007, 23.33:

New firmware should arrive any moment now. Problem is that everything works just dandy on my own phone, so I'm dependant on the time of others to debug the problem. A combined voip/skype-firmware is not probable: the binaries are too large to fit into the flash and the source of the Skype-software isn't available, and I'm not even talking about the difficulties of combining two UIS which aren't designed for that.

Payvee wrote at 6 Aug 2007, 18.34:

Hi, Sprite_tm when do you thing the new release (firmware) will be available? And is there any chance that there will be a voip/spyke version? I've my brand new phone waiting to be flashed. Thanks a lot for all the work done!

Daniel wrote at 5 Aug 2007, 16.44:

This is what the world has been waiting for, or me at least. I've been searching for a GOOD but inexpensive wifi phone to use with asterisk for a long time. Hows the call quality?

Sprite_tm wrote at 3 Aug 2007, 19.18:

Hmm, that source code wasn't there last time I checked. Downloading it now, perhaps it contains some interesting stuff. Hmm, you'd almost think someone at SMC has read this article too :) Edit: Hmm, it seems to be the same kernel plus some opensource libs. Nothing too interesting.

Tse-lei wrote at 3 Aug 2007, 15.56:

I found that there is the source code on WSP-100 ver. at the SMC UK web site. I am not sure if it is the new one. http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?event=downloads.doSearchCriteria&localeCode=EN_GBR&knowsPartNumber=false&productCategory=14&modelNumber=1620&partNumber=4051&downloadType=0&os=0

north wrote at 3 Aug 2007, 12.26:

@Pyrofer: check http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/content/view/29750/70/ @swiss gadets: the phone runs qtopia, feel free to digg in: http://www.qtopia.net/modules/developers/index.php?op=dev_oss @Tse-lei: I have that MAC issue too; for now I have modified and repackaged the firmware myself. Let's hope Sprite_tm or myself can solve it in the next days. There are other minor things that I have mailed Sprite_tm about, so please be patient.

Tse-lei wrote at 3 Aug 2007, 1.39:

north: Thanks for your information. I had down it. Because my OS is installed at "H:\Windows", the flasher seems read data from "H:\Windows\Temp\Skypyphone\Flasher". My phone's MAC address is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF, too. I am trying to make my phone to connect to my AP.

Pyrofer wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 22.00:

Is the SMC the same as the Belkin phone? They LOOK identicle on the outside, can anybody confirm its the same hardware inside? Does the SIP image support WPA enterprise with username/password authentication?

north wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 16.49:

@Tse-lei: rename the FlashWriterNOR-new.out to FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out And yes, the install also works from Windows\temp instead of WINNT\temp

Sprite_tm wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 15.49:

Can anyone of you mail me please? I think it's better to resolve this over the mail than here, in the comments section See the copyright blurb underneath each page for my address.

Richard wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 15.48:

I have the same problem as Tse-lei. No amount of modifying the INI file or moving files around to different directories fixes the problem. I had to run the official firmware updater at the same time as the hacked one to get it to work - it seems there are other missing files. Also - my phone is now showing FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF as its MAC address. Is there any way to modify this? Without being able to change it, its unable to associate to an AP.

Sprite_tm wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 15.38:

Could be that the files have to be (literally) in c:\winnt\Temp\Skypyphone\Flasher. You could try and change the .ini-file to reflect that your windows-directory is on your H:, but I'm not sure if that's gonna work. It could be too that it'll default to the temp-dir of your Windows-install; you'd have to extract the files to H:\windows\temp\Skypyphone\Flasher then. TDC: There's a vibrating motor built-in to the phone, so yes :)

Tse-lei wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 14.03:

There is another error message. " Unable to open the file H:\WINDOWS\Temp\SkypyPhone\Flasher\FlashWriterNOR-PNcheck-strncmp.out"

Tse-lei wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 13.56:

I got an error when run the flasher.exe. "Error, A Problem occurred while sending the Vars section"

tdc wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 13.22:

those contacts in upper right on the photo - is it a place for vibrating motor? :-)

Mungewell wrote at 2 Aug 2007, 0.07:

Hmmmm... apparently this uses the Marvell 88W8385, which the same as the GumStix guys, Munge.

Mungewell wrote at 1 Aug 2007, 23.34:

Congratulations on your hack, nice one ;-) Another device to add to my hacking wish-list. Munge

Sprite_tm wrote at 1 Aug 2007, 21.34:

JoeJoe: You are correct, it has been fixed. And Linux-devices are fun, even more so without Tivo-like anti-tinkering measures and manufacturers who do follow the GPL rules.

JoeJoe wrote at 1 Aug 2007, 20.03:

The picture on page 2 was linked incorrectly.. can't enlarge it.

JoeJoe wrote at 1 Aug 2007, 19.52:

Pretty cool stuff, It's quite scary how many commercial devices are secretively shipping with Linux onboard. Still, I would have so much fun messing around with a device like that.. I'd likely do something silly.. (Like port BSD!! :D :D :D)

Swiss Gadgets wrote at 31 Jul 2007, 23.34:

Excellent mod. I am interested in zfone and encrypted VOIP for my office. Any chance this can be implemented easily into this hack? Swiss Gadgets <a href="http://www.swissgadgets.com">http://www.swissgadgets.com</a>

Sprite_tm wrote at 31 Jul 2007, 21.36:

LiamM: It does; it displays everything the WSKP100 does. Maurice: You'd have to expand the flash for that, actually, and I doubt you could hack the two programs (SIP and Skype) to work together nicely. I'd suggest looking into something like Skype2SIP-gateway first. TD-er: I just checked and the option is available in the menu. The firmware version I used seems to support it out of the box, I haven't meddled with that.

TD-er wrote at 31 Jul 2007, 20.12:

The original WSKP100 only supports 128-bits and 64-bits WEP. Does your modified firmware also support WPA?

maurice wrote at 31 Jul 2007, 18.24:

Now if we could only expand the RAM, and run BOTH Skype and SIP on it.. Ooohhh...

LiamM wrote at 31 Jul 2007, 17.35:

Does the screen on the SMC still function. If so what is diplayed on it/what functionality does it provide?

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